Many were headed to the concert: Crisis support for everyone affected by the tragedy at Fields

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

If you’re local to Aalborg or Northern Jutland and were present in or around Fields Sunday night – or related to someone who was hurt – then it’s possible to get psychological crisis help.

The psychiatry department of the North Denmark Region has established an emergency service after last night’s tragic shooting in Fields.

Through the service you’re able to receive professional help to deal with the reactions you might have following such a violent occurence.

The North Denmark Region has shared this message through a press release today.

Many people from both Aalborg and the rest of the region were either at Fields at the time of the shooting or nearby when they were headed to the big concert with Harry Styles in the Royal Arena.

The concert was cancelled following the shooting and all audience members were transported to Vanløse.

Many people from North Jutland may thus have returned home and may require crisis support.

The offer concerns:

  • People from the North Jutland region who were in or around Fields and thus were directly affected by the violent act.
  • Relatives to people who were harmed.

Jan Mainz, director of Quality and Patient Security in Psychiatry in the North Denmark Region, expects that there are locals to the area who might require professional help.

“That is why we are establishing this service so it is easy to reach out for help. The people who contact us will be taken well care of,” he says.

There’s already been established a crisis support for those who live in the Capital Region of Denmark.

The establishment of a crisis support in the North Denmark Region is aimed at those locals who already have or will be returning home today or later and who were affected by the tragic event.

If you wish to use the service, you can call them at 97 64 30 00, and you will soon after be put in touch with professionals who can help you.

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