Mark your calendar: Several flea markets are planned for this summer

by Shellie Boudreau

As spring turns into summer, many flea markets begin to pop up. This summer there are quite a few.

In June alone, there are two flea markets planned. At the markets, you can sell pretty much everything ranging from clothes to furniture, or you can browse for that special something at a great price or perhaps find a treasure.

Given the fact that there are many flea markets to track, we thought it helpful to create this small guide for you to review.

Flea market near the haborfront, June 12th

Lopper På Havnen is undeniably Aalborg’s largest outdoor flea market and takes place on a scenic spot near the harborfront.

The extremely popular event will be held again on Sunday, June 12th, from 10:00 to 15:00. The market will be located next to Jomfru Ane Parken.

If you would rather sell than shop, you can check to see if stands are available here.

Read more about the event here.

Flea market on Louise Plads, June 12th 

Two flea markets on the same day! This second market is more centrally placed in Aalborg at Louise Plads near Boulevarden/Danmarksgade.

The flea market on Louise Plads runs from 10:00 to 15:00, and the organizers write that “there will be everything from awesome vintage, retro items, furniture, unique collections to modern everyday items, clothes, and trinkets! In short, everything but the kitchen sink.”

You’re also able to book a stand here.

Or read more about the event here.

Huge flea market in AKKC, August 20th-21st

If you disagree that “less is more”, you ought to stop by Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) on August 20th and 21st.

Habengut Market has joined forces with Hello Vintage, Sneakermarket, and Pladebørs (vinyls) to host a huge flea market with over 100 booths. You’ll be able to purchase furniture, clothes, sneakers, jewelry, and much more.

Entrance costs 30 kroner for one day and 50 kroner for both days. Tickets can be purchased here.

Read more about the event here.

What: Flea markets this summer
Where: The harborfront, Louise Plads, and AKKC
When: June 12th and August 20th-21st

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