Mark your calendar: The Tall Ships Races returns to Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

This past year, we have not dared set our hopes too high regarding the possibility of attending events and activities.

One after the other, the events we looked forward to were either pushed or canceled altogether.

There is, however, one particular event that we should not do without, and that is The Tall Ships Races.

2019 was the last time Aalborg hosted The Tall Ships Races. At that time, Aalborg revealed it would once again host the big event in 2022.

Over a half million visitors

Last time, Aalborg hosted The Tall Ships Races there were more than 70 docked ships at the harbor and over 500,000 visitors spanning the four-day event.

Now that we are re-opening and hopes of normalcy become the wind behind our sails, it may just be in time for when The Tall Ships Races return in 2022 from August 4-7.

The 2022 Tall Ships races will be the sixth time Aalbog hosts the event so remember to mark your calendars.

This event is vital for Aalborg’s tourism as the event generated more than 51 million kr in 2019.

You can sign up for the event here

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