Memorable experiences for everyone: All you need to know about IDRÆTSMØDET

by Ashton Christensen
DGI Landsstævne 2017 Vester Fjordpark. Date: 01.07.17. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset
DGI Landsstævne 2017 Vester Fjordpark. Date: 01.07.17. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Starting today, Aalborg is hosting two huge sporting events.

One is the DM-week (Danish Championships), which is like a Danish “mini-Olympics,” which takes place from June 23rd to the 26th, and the other is the annual IDRÆTSMØDET (SPORTS MEET), which takes place from today, June 24th to Sunday, June 26th. 

These events set the stage for many great experiences, but we understand if you’re a little confused about the difference between them and what you can join.

That’s why we spoke to Morten Arvidsson, who coordinates IDRÆTSMØDET, to find out what you can participate in during the three days of the MEET and how it differs from the DM-week.

“The big difference is that at IDRÆTSMØDET, you can participate in many different sports, while the DM-week is for observing talented athletes that qualified for the different sports,” Morten Arvidsson explains.

Simplified, it means that the DM-week is elite sports, and IDRÆTSMØDET is amateur and enthusiasts.


Virtual skydiving, water skiing, and much more

This will be the third time that IDRÆTSMØDET takes place in Aalborg, and as always, they have a program packed full of the best sports in the world.

There are traditional sports like football, handball, and beach volleyball, but there is also a big focus on introducing people to sports that are less recognized.

“There are many diverse, entertaining things that you don’t get to try every day.

For example, there will be skeet shooting, mega SUP, a gamification mix between boxing and fencing, spike ball, water skiing, and virtual skydiving,” Morten Arvidsson says.

In addition, there are also signature events such as Bridge Jump and Zipline.

You won’t get bored with over 100 actors and lots of try-it-yourself activities for children and adults. If you prefer to watch, you may join as a spectator too.

IDRÆTSMØDET’s activities are centrally located in Vestre Fjordpark and Skudehavnen where the water festival Waater is held.

You can get a quick overview of the many activities via IDRÆTSMØDET’s app, which you can download here.

Conference and Waater Festival

IDRÆTSMØDET consists of two parts, and the activity part with the many sports is well-known by the locals.

The second part is a conference with over 120 presentations where sports professionals and individuals working in sports can meet to share their understandings, best practices and debate. You can read more about it here and register for some presentations.

In addition to the possibility of trying all kinds of sports in Vestre Fjordpark, there will also be other great events in connection with the event.

You can look forward to the major WAATER festival, which offers everything from jumping on Denmark’s largest Waater Blob, playing with SUP boards, mega SUP boards, floating trampolines, dives on land, tours in canoes and kayaks, access to the Cable Park, GoBoats – and much, much more.

Read more about the IDRÆTSMØDET right here.

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