Mette Frederiksen with announcement: A reopening is not realistic

by Ashton Christensen

Despite a low number of infected and a generally promising development concerning corona, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a reopening anytime soon. 

That is what Mette Frederiksen said during her visit to a school in Allerslev in Lejre after being asked when the older students will be able to return to school.

British variation lurking

“We can allow the older students back to school once we have full control of the epidemic,” she said, according to B.T.

“Although the numbers look good on the surface, the British variant is lurking. That is why we cannot have a big reopening even though we would like to.”

The announcement is possibly the result of a new report, which states that we, despite good numbers, will continue level five restrictions.

This continuation is due to the threat the British mutation of the coronavirus poses and thus prevents reopening. 

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