MigogAalborg expands: Buys large local media outlet in Aarhus

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Some of Min By Media's owners. From the left: Mads Peter Veiby, Jes Lennert, Michael Qureshi, and Thomas Enevoldsen
Some of Min By Media's owners. From the left: Mads Peter Veiby, Jes Lennert, Michael Qureshi, and Thomas Enevoldsen

What started as a little niche media project in Aalborg back in 2016 has now grown to be the country’s largest city media group.

Min By Media ApS has recently acquired Aarhus’ largest online city media outlet AarhusUpdate.

On January 11, 2021, AarhusUpdate – with its more than 130.000 SoMe-followers and over half a million monthly visits – will become MigogAarhus.

The fairytale started right here in Aalborg.

It was in 2016 that journalist Michael Qureshi together with professional football player Thomas Enevoldsen started MigogAalborg. Their dream was to create a city media outlet inspired by AOK in Copenhagen.

MigogAalborg currently has more than 800.000 monthly views and 115.000 followers on social media.

MyAalborg, the English sister site, was launched in August 2020.

Denmark’s largest digital city media group

With the purchase of AarhusUpdate, Min By Media, which is behind MigogAalborg, MigogKBH, and MigogOdense, will become Denmark’s largest digital city media group.

“That we, four years later, have bought Aarhus’ largest digital city media is a dream I never thought possible. I am incredibly proud of what we have built up over the years, and the way that our media has been received in Aalborg, Odense, and Copenhagen.

We have employed local editorial teams in the cities and have helped push people to be proud of the cities they live in. Now we are looking forward to kicking off in Aarhus”, founder and editor-in-chief Michael Qureshi explains.

“We have already employed the first talented people in Aarhus who will be involved in communicating inspirational local news out to the people of Aarhus.”

Cracked the local digital media code

With the largest digital city media in Aalborg, Odense, Copenhagen, and soon Aarhus, the media company will soon have more than 2 million visitors per month and, on top of that, a major focus on the 20-35-year age group.

On social media, they will have close to 300.000 followers.

Historically, it has been difficult for Danish media outlets to get readers to use and engage with local digital news platforms.

“We now dare to say that we have cracked that code. For example, we made our own restaurant festival in October in Aalborg where we brought 13 of the city’s best restaurants together and sold 7.000 tickets. This shows we got a hold of the local consumers and have become more than just a media outlet in the cities.

We have become the link between the readers and the city”, Michael Qureshi explains.

With a city media in each of the four largest cities in Denmark, 2021 will be used to establish the position of Denmark’s largest online media group.

Today, Min By Media manages:




From January 2021 aarhusupdate.dk will become migogaarhus.

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