Minister confirms: Starting today, the lockdown includes the rest of the country

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Starting today, all Denmark’s 98 municipalities are included in the extended restrictions that have so far only affected 69 municipalities.

The Minister of Transportation, Benny Engelbrecht, confirms this in a post on Facebook.

That means that the whole country will be on lockdown until January 3, 2021.

“It is really serious now. Corona has locked Denmark in too tight a grasp. The number of infected is too high, and the number of hospital admissions is on the rise. Too much. And that is why we are extending the partial lockdown to the rest of the country.

(…) this means, among other things, that children from 5th grade and up will be sent home from school. This also includes high schools and universities. Cultural institutions are closed. Restaurants, bars, and cafées will do the same – with the exception of takeaway.

Public workplaces are encouraged to send home any employees who are non-essential. And private workplaces are encouraged to ensure as much work from home as possible,” Benny Engelbrecht writes on Facebook.


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