More second-hand: New thrift shop has opened in the city center

by Ashton Christensen

On April 25, Kirkens Genbrug on Boulevarden 36 opened its doors after having been shut down for months.

The store is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:00 to 17:00 and has plenty of new items that appeal to younger and older audiences.

Long-awaited reopening

Lots of curious people have peaked through the windows of Kirkens Genbrug on Boulevarden during the first months of the year, and there has been tons of activity on the shop’s Facebook page.

Now it’s finally open.

Recycling consultant Annette Iversen from Samvirkende Menighedsplejer is responsible for the big and beautiful transformation of the store and says:

“We have literally given the store in Aalborg completely new clothes.

We have ‘dusted off’ the store in every way possible and brought light and air all around the great goods we have on the hangers so the store appears more open and inviting.”

Focus on second-hand clothes

The redesigned shop will no longer sell porcelain and knick-knacks but instead focus on well-maintained second-hand/vintage clothes and accessories.

“We are now seeing a younger generation that has realized the value of recycling. We want to meet the generation’s demand to renew their wardrobe sustainably with second-hand clothes,” Annette Iversen explains.

Two items, in particular, have attracted the interest of the young people; a pair of brown Carhartt overalls and an English reddish wool coat:

“Recently our Facebook page has been blazing with inquiries about the pants and coat indicating that we have items that hopefully not only bring the young people to the counters but also into the store,” Line Kjær Jørgensen, who is the volunteer coordinator for Aalborgprovstiers Menighedspleje and in charge of the shop, says.

A good deal for a good purpose 

And there are many good reasons to enter the shop. Because apart from the fact that you can get a terrific deal and bring home nice items for your wardrobe at a good price, you are also supporting a good cause when you put money into Kirkens Genbrug.

“Our commitment to the thrift store is about giving the profit to those in need,” Birgitte Viftrup Mortensen, chairperson of Aalborg Rectory’s Parish Care, says and elaborates:

“In Congregational Care we do important care work throughout Aalborg Municipality, and it is a great gift to be supported by Kirkens Genbrug.

Profits from the shop help support the work of “Time off for relatives,” watching over the dying, and sending visitor friends to many homes. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who contribute financial value so that together we can create social and human value for many, many people,” Birgitte says.

A vibrant community

The volunteers at Kirkens Genbrug  emphasize that you’ll experience lots of fun, smiles, friendliness and hopefully a sense of being part of a bigger community.

“We want to help create a vibrant community here for customers and volunteers.

A community is not just about running a business and making money but also about overcoming loneliness and divisions between cultures and generations.

A unique community across different backgrounds and ages where you can help make a difference to others,” Line Kjær Jørgensen says.

She wishes that anyone who might be interested in volunteering at the shop to contact her on 9383 4940 or

What: Kirkens Genbrug reopening
Where: Boulevarden 36, 9000 Aalborg
When: Open now

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