Much more Street Art this summer: International artists coming to Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: KIRK Gallery
Photo: KIRK Gallery

Aalborg has become quite the art mecca when it comes to the Street Art style.

Especially KIRK Gallery has initiated many of the city’s beautiful murals and has through the years attracted big international artists like INTI from Chile and Fintan Magee from Australia.

Now, the local art gallery is announcing seven new murals as part of the seventh version of their mural-project ‘Out in the Open’.

The first work in the series has just been finished. It’s the international street art duo Innerfields who created their big huge mural on Gammel Skørpingvej 35 in Skørping.

This duo is world-renowned for creating murals all over the globe, and KIRK Gallery writes that it’s “fantastic to have them in Skørping.”

Photo: KIRK Gallery

Realistic murals

The Berlin duo is known for their big realistic murals that are often formed from the piece of context, nature or society they are a part of.

On Gammel Skørpingvej, their work will be a part of a large new building by Vivabolig – who has helped establish the project.

This building will house families, among others, and that is why Innerfields has wished to create a piece of art that appeals to the families and children who live there.

The artists finished the work last weekend, and you can thus experience the finished work now.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

More Street Art over the summer

Aside from the mural in Skørping, a selection of other artists will also visit Aalborg over the summer.

This will for instance be LONAC from Croatia.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

Augustine Kofie from the US.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

Telmo Miel from the Netherlands.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

Joe Lurato from the US.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

Akut from Germany.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

Out in the Open

KIRK Gallery has worked on the project ‘Out in the Open’ since 2014. Over the years, a series of large murals created by high-profile international street art artists has popped up all over Aalborg.

The aim of the project is to share art of high quality with many – not just the few.

The art thus needs to get ‘out in the open’ where as many people as possible can get an experience of what it means to live with art every day.

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