Music, food, and flea market: Vestbyen gets its very own party

by Ashton Christensen

“Vestbyen” means the west side of Aalborg or the West End.

People who’ve lived there a while might remember that seven or eight years ago there was something called “Vestbyen by night.”

The event was a great success at the time, but due to the scale of the task and the lack of a trade association in the district, the volunteers eventually had to call it quits.

Many years later, their energy has fortunately returned, and we can now look forward to the event Vestbydagen 2022, which will be held on Thursday, August 18th, from 15:00 to 21:00.

“Vestbyen has looked like a giant hazard zone for a long time with dug-up roads and dust everywhere, and corona has also had a very large effect on us. That’s why we think the city district deserves a celebration.

We want to show what Vestbyen can accomplish and hope to create a new tradition like when we had ‘Vestbyen by night’.

You won’t find a district in Aalborg with as many associations as in Vestbyen. It is therefore also an opportunity to showcase these associations,” Jan Frederiksen, center manager of Haraldslund Water and Culture Center and coordinator of Vestbydagen, says.

Haraldslund Water and Culture Center are the lead organizers of the event, together with Vesterkæret School, Vesterkæret Leisure Center, Himmerland Housing Association, Alabu Housing, and Kvarterværkstedet.

The event will be held on the square in front of Haraldslund.

Lots of activities throughout the day

The big event will take place on the main square in front of Haraldslund, and many activities have already been announced.

There will be a flea market, music, food and drinks, pony rides for the little ones, and stalls where the associations can show what they have to offer.

Jan Frederiksen also hopes to lure in some AaB football players to sign autographs because they “belong in the Vestbyen”, as he says.

The music will last from 15:00 to 20:00. It’s young and upcoming musicians who, of course, come from Vestbyen who will perform.

Right now, there is still some road work in front of Haraldslund, and the pavement is all broken up, but Aalborg Municipality has announced that it will soon be finished.

Jan Frederiksen also confirms:

“Accessibility should be much better. The municipality has promised that the stretch from Dannebrogsgade to Haraldslund will be paved within the next few weeks, so people can easily get to and from here again.”

Read more about Vestbydagen 2022 here.

Are you a member of an association in Vestbyen and want to participate in Vestby Day 2022? Then contact Jan Frederiksen here.

What: Vestbydagen 2022
Where: Main square by Haraldslund Water and Culture House
When: August 18th. 15:00-21:00

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