Music in the streets: Open your window to hear uplifting live music next week in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Photo: Riishede Media
Photo: Riishede Media

If you are lucky enough to live in southeast Aalborg (Aalborg SØ), or just so happen to find yourself there next Sunday, March 7, then you can look forward to experiencing some high-quality live music.

Three talented musicians from the Pachamama Band will play captivating Latin American rhythms between 12:00-16:00 from four different destinations where residents can watch and listen from their windows and balconies.

Here’s where they’ll be

The three musicians from Pachamama Band will set up in the following locations:

Hellevangen, playground “by the ship”

Gustav Thorups Vej

Peter Freuchens Vej, playground between blocks


“We would like to spread a little happiness in Aalborg SØ after a winter where we have been inside a lot and have maybe missed recreation. Of course, we are not allowed to meet on the street and listen to music, but we are able to open our windows or our balcony door and enjoy the same music – separately,” Mette Thorup, the daily leader at Hans Egedes Church and part of the organizing committee, says.

Community and spring

The Pachamama Band draws from a team of very talented musicians that can get the toes of all generations to tap. And that’s precisely the goal: To use the music to bring life to the suburbs and create a sense of community again.

“We are inspired by all the musical cheer that flowed from balconies and windows during the first lockdown last spring. There the idea was to sing together to strengthen the community. That gave us an idea to bring live music to the area as a celebration of the fact that spring is coming – and we’re moving toward lighter times”, Mette Thorup explains.

The following Sunday, March 14, it will be the Hans Egedes Choir that’ll be spreading joy through the air. The choir will perform a little outdoor concert for residents in the retirement home, Sirius. Choir members will stand in the garden so the residents can see and listen from their windows.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page

But what will happen if the weather doesn’t cooperate? Then we’ll find another day to perform, the band states, so keep an eye out on the Facebook page ‘9210 Aalborg SØ’.

“If it is pouring down, then we’ll need to move the street music or garden singing to another day. But we won’t cancel – and we luckily have the Facebook page ‘9210 Aalborg SØ’ that informs on all the activities happening in the local area. It is an important resource, that I’d like to highlight”, Mette Thorup says.

She is glad to be a part of the broad organizing committee – called Procesgruppen – that is behind many activities in Aalborg SØ.

“As a church, we want to contribute to making Aalborg SØ a good place to live. In Procesgruppen, we come with our ideas and resources and when put together we can do a lot for the community in our suburb.”

Procesgruppen in Aalborg SØ is a broad collaboration between housing associations in the area, Seminarieskolen, Fri-Stedet, Hans Egedes Church, the Activity center (Aktivcentret), the Health Center (Sundhedscentret), the local childcare institutions, Aalborg libraries, UCN, and more.

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