Musical fireworks: Big stars visit Aalborg this weekend

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

No party without music, and it’s going all out in Aalborg in the upcoming days.

Prominent Danish artists are set to visit both the Aalborg Regatta and the festival at Karolinelund.

Svea, Hyggejazz with the Uffe Markussen Trio, Jove, Danser Med Piger, Carpark North, Hyggejazz with Emil Otto And His NOLA Trio, Rakkerpak, and the pop prince Christopher will be performing at the Aalborg Regatta.

This will take place on the stage at Honnørkajen, and it’s completely free to attend all the concerts.

For the Friday party at Karolinelund, the current biggest Danish rap artist, Kesi, will be performing, with an entrance fee of just 100 kroner.

Friday, August 25, at 15:00: Hyggejazz with Uffe Markussen Trio

For many years, Uffe Markussen was one of the leading saxophonists in the Copenhagen jazz scene.

He was admired for his unique sound and style.

Since returning to Northern Jutland, he has played a significant role in Aalborg’s jazz community as an educator, conductor, and a member of the Nordkraft Big Band.

You can look forward to experiencing Hyggejazz with Uffe Markussen and Trio in Utzon Parken on Friday at 15:00.

Friday, August 25, at 17:00: JOVE

Julius Mygind, known by the stage name JOVE, manages to invite the listener into his personal and captivating musical universe.

Through his music, the young artist shuts out the real world while creating his own.

A world that describes JOVE’s quest to find himself.

You can look forward to hearing JOVE on the stage at Honnørkajen on Friday at 17:00.

Friday, August 25, at 19:00: Danser Med Piger

Danser Med Piger is the sound of friendship and musical talent.

It’s a band consisting of five best friends who love making music together. These five young guys are in their early 20s and live together in an apartment in Copenhagen.

This is also where they write and record their own music in their homemade studio. Danser Med Piger took over all radio channels with their massive hit “Danser Med Piger” (Dancing with Girls).

You can look forward to hearing Danser Med Piger on the stage at Honnørkajen on Friday at 19:00.

Friday, August 25, at 21:00: Carpark North

Carpark North is a true rock giant that has never lost its momentum since their breakthrough in the 2000s.

They bring both darkness and beauty, captivating the audience with wild energy and fantastic hit songs.

They’ve produced major hits like ‘Save Me From Myself’ and ‘Burn It’.

You can look forward to hearing Carpark North on the stage at Honnørkajen on Friday at 21:00.

Friday, August 26, at 20:00: Kesi performs in Karolinelund

You can also look forward to experiencing Kesi at the Friday party in Karolinelund at 20:00.

With a long string of hits, starting with ‘Søvnløs’ in 2014, Kesi has been impossible to ignore on Danish radio stations and charts.

Simultaneously, his unmatched energy on stage has solidified his position as one of Denmark’s biggest rap and pop names.

You can, as always, buy your ticket at the entrance.

It costs 100 kroner.

Saturday, August 26, at 12:30: Hyggejazz with Emil Otto And His NOLA Trio

This will be old-fashioned and authentic, with a twist of boundary-pushing young energy in this swinging concert with Emil Otto & his NOLA trio.

The rhythm section fires up the jazz cauldrons with second-line street beats, funky feels, and boils up a highly spicy gumbo.

Combine this with a “croonsome” vocal and sweat-dripping boogie piano, and you’ll have an idea of what’s in store.

You can look forward to experiencing Emil Otto And His NOLA Trio in Utzon Parken on Saturday at 12:30.

Saturday, August 26, at 17:00: Rakkerpak

It’s not every day you hear a pop-hip-hop band with the same caliber of energy as Rakkerpak.

With a unique North Jutland charm, it’s easy to hear how the six boys navigate the golden point between the cool, dynamic youth life.

Their lyrics also focus on the heavy topics that come with youth.

You can look forward to hearing Rakkerpak on the stage at Honnørkajen on Saturday at 17:00.

Saturday, August 26, at 19:00: Svea

The 22-year-old Swedish-Greek pop singer from Stockholm got her first record deal when she was 17.

She used to write heavy, melancholic songs, but she got tired of that.

So, you can look forward to her kicking off the party with her lyrics that make people smile, laugh, and dance.

You can look forward to hearing SVEA when she performs on the stage at Honnørkajen on Saturday at 19:00.

Saturday, August 26, at 21:00: Christopher

There’s arguably no bigger pop prince in Denmark right now than the charming Christopher.

He achieved massive success with the Netflix movie “A Beautiful Life,” and he’s been performing packed concerts all summer long.

That’s why it’s a huge scoop that you can experience him for free when he performs on the stage at Honnørkajen on Saturday at 21:00.

Sunday, August 27, at 12:30: Hyggejazz with ØRVAD – BRUN – BEHR TRIO

Ørvad & Brun Trio is a Nordic jazz project created by guitarist August Ørvad and drummer Oliver Brun.

Incorporating elements of classical and folk music, they infuse improvisation into their compositions to create a sound that’s both familiar and fresh.

You can look forward to hyggejazz with Ørvad, Brun, and Behr Trio when they perform in Utzon Parken on Sunday at 12:30.

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