Namaste and cheers: Try Wine-Yoga under the sky for free

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: Archive photo
Photo: Archive photo

Yoga is as popular as ever, and there are many ways to perform this healthy exercise.

You can perform yoga according to the tradition, but DGI Huset Nordkraft is taking a more creative approach.

As part of the big SPORTS MEETING 2022 (IDRÆTSMØDET in Danish), this new creative approach will take the “Downward Facing Dog” to a new level.

The arrangement will be today, June 25th, from 15:30-16:30 in Vestre Fjordpark. And this creative arrangement is free to join.

Throughout the class, you will taste three different wines as the talented yoga instructor, Sina Harbo, guides you through various yoga poses. 

Fantastic view

When performing Wine-Yoga under the open sky, you cannot ask for a better view than the Limfjord at Vestre Fjordpark. The location and yoga poses will surely be a picture-worthy moment.

DGI Huset Nordkraft writes that you should bring a matt and that UCN Business and volunteers from the Serviceøkonomstudiet (Business Economics studies) will be putting on the event and creating a cozy atmosphere at Vestre Fjordpark.

At this event, you get to experience some new challenges or possibly refresh your memory of yoga poses while sampling three different wines – all for free.

If you wish to participate in the Wine-Yoga arrangement, you must go into the DGI Huset Nordkrafts team plan and sign up for the class on June 25th. You’ll find the plan here.

Read more about the arrangement here.

What: Free Wine-Yoga
Where: Vestre Fjordpark
When: Saturday, June 25th at 15:30 

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