Named Denmark’s best entrepreneur 2020: Aalborg-based company wins another award

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo by: Kristian Ridder-Nielsen, Creative Business Network,
Photo by: Kristian Ridder-Nielsen, Creative Business Network, 2020

It’s been quite a year for Beata Dobsa.

After founding her company Travelli in 2019, the young entrepreneur received her first accolade in September 2020 in the form of the NOVI Newtech Grant.

Now, just two months later, she and business partner Nana Kathrine Jakobsen have secured more success as this year’s winner of the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen. With the award comes 25.000 kr and other consulting prizes worth over 10.000 kr.

Next year, the Aalborg-based company will be representing Denmark at the global final where they’ll be competing against more than 80 companies for the title of “World’s Best Entrepreneur within the Creative Industry”.

“With this win, we will push our community to women all over the world and ensure our mission to create a world where all women can travel safely and freely,” Beata Dobsa says.

Traveler universe for women

Beata Dobsa and Nana Kathrine Jakobsen describe Travelli as an app that enables women to explore the world together in a safe manner.

They aim to unite women travelers in one traveler universe, giving them the possibility to find like-minded women to travel with.

While the app is currently available on App Store and Google Play Store, Beata Dobso and her business partner Nana Kathrine Jakobsen will use some of the funds from the grant and award to rebrand the app as Tripful and remake the website.

Read more about Travelli – soon to be Tripful – here

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