Nature and beautiful views: Where to take your friends and family when they visit you

by Vera Dvorakova

One of the many great things about Aalborg is how centralized it is – you’ll find most attractions, cafés and landmarks close to the city center.

But that also poses an unexpected problem for those of us foreigners who finally persuaded their friends and family to visit us.

After a mandatory walk by the fjord, a visit to Nordkraft, and a cup of coffee in one of the walking streets… What else, apart from the city center, should your guests see?

We’ve luckily got you covered!

Here are our tips for interesting and non-touristy places your friends and family should definitely visit when they’re in Aalborg.


Denmark isn’t exactly a land of rivers and streams, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Aalborg has its own stream which runs underneath most of the city center: Østerå.

Before the stream dives under the city, it goes through Østerådalen: A beautiful nature park with lakes, bridges and forest areas which are home to a multitude of flora and fauna.

Østerådalen wasn’t always a park; it started out as a mining area for a cement factory.

But now the park’s industrial history is almost invisible. There are various paths ideal for long walks during the sunset or bike rides with your guests. And if you own a dog you can let it loose to frolic in Østerådalen’s dog park.

Where: Indkildevej, 9210 Aalborg SØ

Chalk pits

The city’s industrial past gave Aalborg lots of hidden spots and the various chalk pits are one of them.

There are multiple areas around the city where chalk used to be mined for cement. After the pits were abandoned by the workers, they were filled with water and made available to the public. 

There are four chalk pits in the city. Two of them are in Aalborg (in Hasseris and Aalborg East) and the other two can be found in Nørresundby.

Each of them is surrounded by a network of biking and walking paths, benches and secluded places which are ideal for a picnic or a snack break.

The water in these pits is crystal clear and ideal for kayaking or paddle boarding, but be aware – it isn’t recommended to swim in it, as it becomes very cold and you can drown easily.


Nordens Kridtgrav in Hasseris (coordinates: 57.04330090180571, 9.880589434375002)
Rørdal Kridtgrav (coordinates: 57.05146803160585, 9.982372948313978)
Lindholm Kridtgrav (coordinates: 57.06872588534848, 9.918723915602047)
Kridtgraven in Nørresundby (coordinates: 57.065621954594, 9.938785751826321)


Does a walking trip in nature sound great but you don’t feel like going far from the city center?

Then Signalbakken is a great place to go.

Signalbakken got its name from the signal mast which was there in the 1800s and would announce the arrival of ships from Copenhagen. 

Nowadays, the area spreads over two hills – Hvilehøj and Signalhøj – and it’s purely recreational. There are various walking paths, grass areas, benches, and even a football field at the bottom of one of the hills.

And, if you’re lucky, you can pet some sheep who can be found chewing on grass or resting in the shade of Signalbakken’s many trees and bushes.

Where: Michael Anchers Vej, 9000 Aalborg


If you’ve ever traveled to the university East campus, you might have seen a high hill with a communications tower on top of it.

But did you know that climbing the hill will reward you with a fantastic view of the city? Well, you do now!

You can get to the top by climbing up the wooden stairs on the side of the hill in Eternitten. The stairs are steep, but we promise that the view is worth it.

If you’re still not excited by the prospect of stairs, you can just take a walk up the hill from Gammel Gugvej.

Where: Lektorvej 35A, 9000 Aalborg


Egholm is the perfect place to visit if you’re feeling like hiking.

Placed in the Limfjord, this small island is just a 5-minute ferry drive away and has a lot to offer.

The island is known for its specific nature, hosting lots of interesting types of birds and plants. If birdwatching isn’t your forte, you can walk for hours around the island’s shore, dip your toes in the water at one of its beaches, or even spend the night in a shelter.

Oh, and don’t forget to search for the wooden troll sculpture hiding in the forest!

Once you and your guests are tired and miss the sweet embrace of civilization again, you should definitely visit the Kronborg restaurant and try some of their huge tartlets. 

Verdens ende (the World’s End in Lindholm)

Did you know that the end of the world is in Aalborg?

Or at least that’s the name of a place in the Lindholm Fjordpark, a large area just across the fjord from Vestre Fjordpark.

You can take a long walk around the fjordpark, bike to your heart’s desire, or use a shelter with one of the most beautiful views of the fjord.

Where: coordinates 57.07177328661731, 9.870847057111451

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