New adorable baby: Giraffe calf born at Aalborg Zoo

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: Aalborg Zoo
Photo: Aalborg Zoo

There’s nothing that touches the heart quite like baby animals.

Now Aalborg Zoo has an adorable newborn.

Last Tuesday, Aalborg Zoo announced that a tiny but tall giraffe calf was born.

The mother’s name is Frida, and the baby giraffe is her fourth calf.

Previously, she gave birth to three bull calves, but this time it was a heifer calf.

The calf has already been out in the summer sun with Frida, but they will remain separated for a while longer.

The calf needs to gain more strength before being introduced to the other animals on the savannah as the ostriches have a tendency to be a little aggressive towards newcomers.

With the new calf, there are now seven giraffes at Aalborg Zoo.

Watch the adorable giraffe calf being born and taking its first wobbly steps here:

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