New agreement in place: Aalborg’s super hospital will be ready by the end of 2021

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The North Denmark Region and the consultancy firm, Indigo, have entered into a payment agreement for the remaining part of the construction project, which will ensure that the new university hospital in Aalborg East is ready to open by the end of 2021.

The North Denmark Region stated this in a press release.

As previously announced, the North Denmark Region has had challenges with the overall economy in the project, not least due to the fact that electrical and plumbing work has been significantly delayed.

A supplementary agreement has therefore been made between the region and the main consultant to ensure that the parties’ ongoing dispute over the delay, and Indigo’s demand for payment for extended construction time, do not hinder or delay the overall progress of the construction.

The dispute thus continues independently where a decision will be made at a later date.

Reservations included in the agreement

In the supplementary deal, the parties agree that the fee for the extension of labor required to complete the structure will be set at just over 15 million kroner – excluding VAT.

The fee is liable to an action for recovery of property. 

This means that this fee may be included in the pending arbitration case. Indigo has demanded a guarantee for the amount so that they are covered if a claim for payment is later made. 

The regional council has considered the agreement, and it has been approved by a majority of 34 members. Three members of the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti) voted against.

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