New budget for Aalborg is revealed: The harbor bath is closing

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The expanded Finance Committee has this noon presented its budget proposal for 2023-2026 on behalf of Aalborg City Council.

The budget prioritizes giving more money to children and elders and the increasing need for specialized offers.

It’s been necessary to reduce the number of construction projects but daycare centers, nursing homes, the new Plusbusses and the children and youth universe on Stigsborg Brygge will continue as planned.

More employees are needed to speed up matters of construction and local plans.

When you dive further into the budget plan there is particularly one things that draws our attention and that’s the fact that the municipality wants to shut down the harbor bath by Jomfru Ane Parken.

The world’s wildest bridge builders are heading to Aalborg

There are no plans to spend many to maintain the harbor bath when Vestre Fjordpark exists as an alterantive.

The budget plan specifically states that:

In the presentation it is assumed that Aalborg Harbor Bath is closed.

It has not been possible within a narrow economic frame to prioritize the money for the necessary renovation of the harbor bath, and the operating budget for the harbor bath is likewise reprioritized to partially finance new tasks relating to the many new maintenance functions that need to be performed along the PlusBus-route.

Another interesting detail in the budget is that money’s been set aside to a contest called “Verdens Vildeste Brobyggere” (the World’s Wildest Bridge Builders”). On top of this, the event-section includes money to the Sustainability Conference in 2024 and The Tall Ships Races in 2026.

Photo: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.

There are not further details on the bridge building contest, but it’s safe to assume that Aalborg will be home to a new bridge.

On Verdens Vildeste Brobyggere’s Facebook site, they write that:

“With Verdens Vildeste Brobyggere we unite the bridge building contest with an education fair and folk festival.

Three teams of apprentices and students have to build different bridges in just seven hours. They’re built over water different places in Denmark in front of thousands of people and tough judges from COWI, Rambøll, Dissing+Weitling, and 3F.”

The budget also includes money to renovate the parking facilities on both Sauers Plads and the parking lots at AKKC.

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