New café in Aalborg: Prominent restaurateur opens new place

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

He’s the man behind one of Aalborg’s most popular restaurant chains.

Now the owner of Bogø, Mario Mohammed El-Hajj, is ready with a new café, which offers delicious café classics in cozy settings.

The new café is called Café Tornhøj and has already opened in the newly built facilities in the east of Aalborg. More precisely on the address Tornhøjvej 4.

Here everyone’s welcome to stop by no matter if you want to enjoy a cup coffee or chomp down on a tasty beef sandwich or other dishes from the menu card.

“There’s classic café food on the menu card. However, we have chosen to turn it up a notch and have spent a long time choosing the right ingredients of high quality.

Our beef is from Himmerland so you can enjoy a nice 180 gram beef patty in our burgers,” Mario says.

The menu consists of everything from burgers to beef sandwiches, Caesar salad and much more.

“But you do not have to buy anything to eat.

There is also mothers who keep warm with a cup of coffee while the children play on the playground outside,” Mario explains.

Evening coziness, cocktails, and wild lights

Café Tornhøj is designed and built from scratch with very competent assistance, and there’s been focus on the smallest details.

“We have bought the building, which previously was a town square. We have been been a part of the design and building process.

We have especially spent a lot of time on sound and lights. A professional company has helped us create the right atmosphere,” the culinary entrepreneur says.

The lights are particularly eye-catching and makes you want to hang up your coat and put up your feet.

“The lights have three settings. So it can be lowered at night to create a cozy setting.

As the cherry on top, we have chosen to place the well-known AaB teddy bear on top of the roof,” Mario explains.

More exciting things coming

Later there’ll be more initiatives to create life in the café during days and nights.

“We are creating a lunch menu card, and there will probably also be a happy hour for cocktails at night.

We have to feel the pulse and see what we can come up with,” Mario says.

The ambition is for the café to be more than an eatery but also a place where you can come and enjoy a couple of cocktails with friends and family before you head into town – or home.

“It is also a place where people can come to watch football and get some beers and snacks.

We have not had a place like this before in the east of Aalborg; a proper café. A gathering place for people where you do not necessarily have to head into the center of town,” Mario explains.

MyAalborg has already visited the café, and we definitely recommend stopping by and trying their food and cocktails.

Read more on the café’s Facebook page here.

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