New Fan Zone inauguration: AaB invites all to free football

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: AaB Sport
Photo: AaB Sport

Summer football is in motion all over Denmark.

In North Jutland, AaB fans are invited to watch football for free in new surroundings. As a new initiative, AaB has established a fan area that we’re looking forward to unveil when it opens on August 8th.

To celebrate the fact that fans are finally allowed to fill Aalborg Portland Park again, AaB and three partners are collaborating to invite all football fans – for free.

The three partners, Spar Nord, Aalborg Portland and Det Nordjyske Mediehus (The North Jutland Media House), have bought out all the tickets for the season’s second home game and are giving them away to AaB fans.

The first match without any spectator restrictions coincides with the opening of the new fan zone. Over the summer break, AaB and Aalborg Municipality set up new stadium seats in AaB’s red club colour. In addition to the colour, the seats are equipped with cup holders to hold beer and other beverages.

The Stadium is now calling again 

The kick-off starts with the second AaB home game in the 3F Super league against AGF Sunday, August 8th at 18.00.

The title ”The Stadium is now calling again” aims to create the best experience for the fans and players. These words originate from the first lines of the AaB-supporters battle song with the same name and resonate well with the goal of the day.

“We want to fill the Stadium with loyal and new fan faces of all ages.

We are looking forward to seeing our fans in the new fan zone and seeing the energy this will give to our players as they compete on our home field,” explains commercial director from AaB, Jesper Elkjær.

Unsurprisingly, the numbers suggest that the more fans there are at Aalborg Portland Park, the better AaB plays.

Last season, the fan numbers went up and down due to restrictions and assembly bans.

New fan zone around the Stadium 

An extraordinary fan zone opens for AaB at Aalborg Portland Park.

The new fan zone is fab and has access to street food, with delicious food stands and specialty beer on offer. North Jutlanders can listen to live music and podcasts from AaB players, participate in competitions, and much more.

The zone is also equipped with fun activities that promote movement, such as a Goal Station where all can try out some new training techniques for fun or to improve their game.

There is also a bouncy castle and other activities to ensure extra fun for the whole family.

“We are very proud of the fan zone. This zone is something we have been looking forward to creating for a long time. We want our fans to feel at home when visiting Aalborg Portland Park.

It is our fans that create the special atmosphere which words cannot describe,” says the bank director at Spar Nord, John Lundsgaard.

The director at Aalborg Portland, Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, further explains:

“We know it means a lot to our players when the fans are nearby cheering them on. Of course, football is most fun when the players feel supported by the community on the sidelines. ”

It will be fantastic to experience Aalborg Portland Park again.


The start of a new tradition 

As a bonus, Klarup Pigekor (Klarup Girs Choir) will give their rendition of “The Stadium is calling again (Stadion kalder nu igen)” before the match.

“I am in no doubt that it will be a fantastic day. The most important is that we are going to be together, united around football. AaB and the rest of North Jutland deserve a football celebration – this is why we are inviting fans to join for free.

It will be a strong and re-occurring celebration,” says the commercial director from the North Jutland Media House, Martin Sander.

The three partners purchased the game tickets and are giving them away for free to fans.

AaB’s season ticket holders have the first right. Spar Nord, Aalborg Portland and the North Jutland Media House can share and distribute the remaining tickets to their employees and customers before making them available to them the public on July 26th.

The ”Stadium is calling again” is set to become an annual tradition to kick-start each season with celebration and cheer.

How to get tickets as a season-ticket holder

Season ticket holders for Complea Tribunen:

As a season ticket holder to Complea Tribunen you can use your physical season ticket at the entrance.

The three partners, Spar Nord, Aalborg Portland and North Jutland Media House, awarded all season ticket holders an extra ticket. This extra ticket is available online at following the same procedure as previous games.

Sæson ticket holders for Vesttribunen and 3F Tribunen

Given that each spectator must have a fixed seat, season ticket holders in the no-number grandstands, Vesttribunen and 3F Tribunen, can get their ticket online at according to the following procedure. Season ticket holders to Vesttribunen and 3F Tribunen can draw two tickets for the match.

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