New food guide published: Here are the top-ranked restaurants in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

In 2019, three restaurants from Northern Jutland received awards at Den Danske Spiseguide (The Danish Food Guide) gala.

Restaurant Fusion from Aalborg won the award for Best Exotic/Spicy restaurant, thereby beating several acclaimed restaurants from Copenhagen.

Top grades for three Aalborg restaurants

The actual Danish food guide for 2020 has now been published and here you can read their reviews of Aalborg based restaurants over the years.

In Northern Jutland, four restaurants were graded three stars and a sun, which is the highest score possible. Three of the four restaurants are located in Aalborg reports Gastronorth, a restaurant-network.

These are:

The fourth elite restaurant is Vendia Bryghus in Hjørring. Ruths Hotel has been knocked off the list, presumably because of them changing their head chef.

Dennis Juhl dominates the top

Just below the top four are 12 other restaurants from Northern Jutland that each receives three stars.

Three of these – Restaurant Fusion, Restaurant Alimentum, and the new Restaurant Struktur – are from Aalborg.

As the head chef at Textur and Struktur, we can safely say that Dennis Juhl has made his mark on the top of the gastronomical scene in Aalborg.

It is also worth noting that at the time of publication, Alimentum had only been up and running for three months yet still impressed enough to secure three stars and acclaims.

The editor of Den Danske Spiseguide, Bent Christensen, is impressed by the level in Northern Jutland.

“That Northern Jutland receives three awards shows how well these three, and the region’s other gourmet restaurants, are doing on a national basis.”

Here is the ranking of Aalborg restaurants in the Danish Food Guide

Mortens Kro

3 stars

2 stars
La Locanda

1 star
SushiMania XO

You can view the ranking of other restaurants from Northern Jutland here.

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