New location: Find the Swap Box here

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Back in April, the Swap Box opened in Aalborg Vestby.

Aalborg Renovation is behind the Swap Box, which aims to make it easier to recycle more.

Here, citizens have the opportunity to exchange things with their neighbors – without spending a dime.

During a trial period from April to September, the Swap Box will be placed in different locations in Aalborg Vestby, and now it’s time for a new location.

Here’s where you’ll find the box

From today and for the next six weeks, you’ll find it on Suensonsgade, before it returns to its original location at Herluf Trolles Plads.

Here at the editorial office, we’ve visited the Swap Box at the new location, and there are already plenty of cool finds in the box – but there’s room for much more.

“We have a goal of increasing recycling, and therefore, we need to think in new ways. We hope that with the Swap Box, we can inspire people to discard their belongings less as waste and instead consider them for reuse, benefiting others and the environment.

When we pass things on to others, and we recycle more ourselves, we extend the lifespan of items that would otherwise become waste.

This saves resources – both in the production of new goods and in the disposal of waste,” Klaus Bystrup, project manager at Aalborg Renovation, has previously said about the project.

What can be deposited in the Swap Box

The Swap Box is for items in good condition and must not be used for waste and bulky refuse. When you deposit items in the swap box, they should be clean and functional.

They only receive:

  • Items that are not larger than what can fit on a shelf.
  • Items that can be transported without aids (e.g., without a wheelbarrow and pallet lifter).
  • Cleaned items.
  • Items that are fully functional – i.e., not broken.

THey do NOT receive:

  • Food and beverages.
  • Waste – it should be deposited in the buried containers in the area.
  • If your items are broken, they don’t belong in the swap box but should be treated as waste. Bulky waste should be taken to the recycling center.
  • Large furniture and items – if you want to get rid of large items but can’t bring them to the recycling center yourself, you can use our ordering service.

The swap box is for recycling only

In the Swap Box, you can, for example, place porcelain, books, trinkets, small household items, and other recyclable items that still work and have utility.

Even if something no longer has value to you, it can easily be something someone else needs. The Swap Box is for everyone, and if you find something you can use, you can take it home.

“It should be easy to recycle, and with the Swap Box, we’re bringing the opportunity for recycling directly to citizens,” Klaus Bystrup says.

The Swap Box is only for smaller items that you can carry without aids.

If your items are broken, they don’t belong in the Swap Box either; they should be sorted as waste in the buried containers in the area.

Bulky waste should be taken to the recycling center, and some types of waste can be collected through Aalborg Renovation’s ordering service.

“It’s largely up to citizens themselves to contribute to the functioning of the box by placing items neatly on the shelves, maintaining order, and only contributing items that can be reused.

We believe that we can succeed with this together, and we hope that residents in the local area will welcome the box and support the initiative,” Klaus Bystrup explains.

Aalborg Renovation supervises the Swap Box every weekday and monitors whether the box contributes to increased recycling.

Made from recycled materials

The Swap Box itself is also made from recycled materials – it’s made from a converted shipping container and covered with recycled wood from Gigantium.

The Swap Box also has a green sedum roof that absorbs rainwater.

The project with the Swap Box is inspired by a similar project in Aarhus, which has been a great success, with citizens being diligent in both contributing items for reuse and taking things.

You can find more information about the Swap Box here.

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