New Mexican Spot and outdoor terrace: Aalborg Streetfood opens with great news

by Ashton Christensen
Bureau-foto Pxhere: Mexicansk
Bureau-foto Pxhere: Mexicansk

It’s the start of May and now you can seriously feel Aalborg waking up after months of lockdown.

The city’s restaurants, cafés, and shops are open, and on Saturday, Aalborg Streetfood followed suit.

The large Streetfood market, located by the water in the west part of the city, spent the last few months renovating, moving, and last but not least, preparing for an awesome new season.

Aalborg Streetfood – The Kitchen Factory officially opened on Saturday and is now open every day from 11.30 to 21.00.

In addition, there will be plenty of activities through May and continuing throughout the summer.

New food booths at Streetfood

There is also more exciting news at Skudehavnsvej 35. 

As for more delicious news on the food spectrum, we have a new Mexican spot called Dos Gringos where you can fill up on burritos, tacos, nachos, and everything else that we love from the Mexican kitchen.

In addition, a new Greek food booth is opening. In both new places, you can sit in the area where you ordered the food – now that’s new!

There will also be two new bars opening at the Streetfood market, called Bar Madame and Bar Rust, that will impress in their unique way. 

Located near Bar Rust, you can sing karaoke, play billiards, shuffleboard, and lots of other cool things.

New huge outdoor terrace

A newly built and huge outdoor wood terrace allows you to easily dine without a table reservation. 

Aalborg Streetfood – The Kitchen Factory is doing everything it can to create the ideal events and activities needed to make the area full of life. 

The following weeks have built up for everything, starting from laser game events, beer- and whisky tasting, and stand-up.  Also, Streetfood will be hosting a riveting lecture from one of the survivors from Utøya in Norway.

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