New negotiations today: Reopening plan is expected to be changed again

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Archive photo: Statsministeriet
Archive photo: Statsministeriet

The party leaders of the Danish Parliament are meeting today at 15:00 to discuss further changes to the reopening plan.

Two of the big discussion subjects are face masks and the corona-passport.

A recent survey made by TV 2 shows that the political parties outside of the government want to get rid of the face mask requirements as soon as everyone in Denmark has been vaccinated.

As of right now, this is not part of the current reopening plan.

The corona-passport requirement may be relaxed

Jesper Vestergren, political analyst at TV 2, predicts that the party leaders will agree on a big scale reopening where the corona-passport will change to a so-called “driver’s license scheme”.

“I think that we will see the requirements surrounding the corona-passport being relaxed so that it will work as a driver’s license model. This means that it will be up to the individual citizens to make sure that they have a negative test and not the businesses,” Jesper Vestergren assesses.

Many minor fitness centers have a hard time meeting the requirement that everyone should be checked for a valid corona-passport during business hours.

In relation to the upcoming discussions, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was asked if it is not too much that the government requires people to keep wearing face masks and show a corona-passport.

A long way to herd immunity

“We are only keeping restrictions related to covid-19 as long as they are necessary, and it is the authorities who make assessments along the way.

We have a broad political agreement in this area. The foundation upon which this agreement rests is that we are working towards a normalized Denmark. That is, a Denmark as we knew it before covid-19, without face masks, without restrictions in relation to how many people can be together and that sort of thing,” Mette Frederiksen says to B.T.

She adds that there is still a long way to go until herd immunity has been reached.

“We are nowhere near herd immunity. We need to reach approximately 70 percent. We are trying to find a balance between more people getting vaccinated and reopening more with fewer restrictions.”

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