New reopening plan in place: Here are the most important points

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

A majority of political parties in the Danish Parliament have agreed on an expanded model of the big reopening plan.

In principle, this means that basically all parts of society can reopen now except the nightlife.

All sports and extracurricular activities that were not already open can now open – and the same goes for indoor facilities in for example amusement parks and zoos.

This also means that public pools can reopen their saunas and that music schools again can open their singing lessons for children as well as adults.

Here is a quick overview of the most important parts

The corona-passport is phased out

The corona-passport will start being phased out in June.

In August, the parties that are a part of the new agreement will discuss what will happen to the passport once everyone who wishes to be has been vaccinated.

The restrictions will also be lessened from May 21 so that you no longer need to show your corona-passport at the entrance of the library or when attending sports.

You do however still need to have a valid passport since you may be asked to show it.

Face masks are phased out

The face mask requirement will be phased out just as the corona-passport.

This means that it will be phased out in August at the latest once everyone over 16 years old has been offered the vaccine.

A more concrete plan will be presented in June.

More sports clubs and cultural institutions open

All remaining sports clubs, curricular activities, and cultural institutions can open completely from May 21 given that you’re able to show a valid corona-passport.

Activities involving singing, whether at recreational centers or at music schools, will also open.

Additionally, indoor activities in amusement parks, zoos, night schools, and water parks open.

Schools to reopen more

Students at youth and adult educations and students at higher educations can look forward to 100% physical attendance at their institutions.

This will also go into effect from May 21.

The reopening will happen on the same terms as previous reopenings.

Phasing out work-from-home

The phasing out of the work-from-home situation, which many people have been bound to will happen in three phases.

From May 21, 20% of employees will be able to return to work, while the number rises to 50% from June 14 when everyone over the age of 50 years old will be expected to have received the first vaccination.

From August 1, it is expected that 100% of employees will be able to work at their job.

You can read the full agreement here (in Danish).

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