New restrictions announced: Face masks in stores and assembly limit reduced

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

During last night’s press conference, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced new restrictions in order to combat the escalating number of corona-cases in Denmark.

With 859 registered cases of coronavirus on Friday, it’s the highest number yet.

The new restrictions

The current restrictions have been extended to January 2, 2021.

The new restrictions are as follows:

  • From Monday, October 26: The assembly limit is reduced from 50 to maximum 10 people during the next four weeks (schools and workplaces are exempt). The authorities also ask that people limit their social circle and only spend time with those closest
  • From Monday, October 26: Ban on selling alcohol in supermarkets and kiosks after 22:00
  • From Thursday, October 29: Mandatory face masks in ALL public places – including retail stores and health services

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