New route opens: Fly directly from Aalborg to the Caribbean

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

On a rainy day like this, it’s alright to dream of warm weather and beautiful beaches.

Aalborg Airport has just added a new and exciting route to their catalogue.

In February and March 2023 travel-eager people can fly directly from Aalborg Airport to the Dominican Republic where you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Here you’ll find sun, summer and luxury with the Herning-based bureau, Aventura Rejser, that are in charge of the direct flights.

Imagine jumping on a plane in cold, windy Aalborg and setting off towards the Caribbean sun and 28-29 degrees Celsius.

First direct flight to the Caribbean

“We feel a big interest in escaping from the Danish winter here in North Jutland and traveling to the Caribbean with its sun and summer.

That is why we decided to set up a direct flight out of Aalborg to the Dominican Republic,” Torben K. Simonsen, owner of the new travel bureau Aventura Rejser, says.

The travel company is part of Aventura Travel Group, which also has activities in Finland and Iceland. It was established by the former owners and leaders from Bravo Tours.

This includes Torben K. Simonsen who has around 22 years experience from Bravo Tours.

“At Aventura Travel we are a small and flexible organization where we quickly can turn thoughts into actions once we have an idea – for example by offering a direct flight from Aalborg to the Caribbean.

And with our feet solidly planted in the Jutlandic soil we want to deliver good quality to a cheaper price. This is possible because we approach the travel industry a bit different than all the large, traditional travel companies,” Torben K. Simonsen explains.

Aventura Rejser offers an 11-day all-inclusive trip to a luxury hotel in the Caribbean from just 16,990 kroner.

Two direct flights from Aalborg in week 8 and 11

The departures from Aalborg are on February 20th and March 13th, 2023, and at Aalborg Airport they’re looking forward to offering a direct trip across the Atlantic ocean.

“The Caribbean is a fantastic destination during winter, and we are happy that Aventura Travel offers direct flights from Aalborg to the Dominican Republic in 2023.

With the first flight in week 8, which is the school’s winter holiday in North Jutland, it is also a really great product for local families with children,” the airport director, Niels Hemmingsen, says.

The direct flight has a technical layover that lasts about an hour where the plane is fueled.

Here the travelers can leave the airplane and stretch their legs before the trip continues.

Aventura Rejser offers trips to either Punta Cana that is once of the most well-know areas in the Caribbean or Juan Dolio that is located at the Caribbean Sea and offers more calm waters.

Aside from the Caribbean, Aventure Rejser also offers trips to popular destinations like Mallorca and Costa del Sol – directly from Aalborg Airport.

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