New rules this week: Here’s where you no longer need a corona pass

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The plan for Denmark’s grand reopening has reached the next big milestone. That means that as of Sunday, 1st of August, another round of restrictions has been rolled back.

This time, the changes are especially focused on the corona-pass.

These changes are now in effect

From Sunday, 1st of August, it is no longer required to show a corona pass at museums, concert halls, theatres and cinemas with crowds of less than 500.

In addition, the corona pass is no longer required for entry into amusement parks, zoos and market places, together with indoor and outdoor sporting events, like football games.

It is further no longer a requirement that fitness centres need to check corona passes systematically on entry.  

You do, however, still need to show a valid corona pass if you want to sit indoors at bars, cafes and restaurants. That rule will continue to apply until the 1st of September.

Further relaxation of restrictions

There are also a number of other restrictions that have been relaxed as of Sunday. That includes no longer needing a seat reservation in regional trains, as well as some good news for all super league fans.

Football clubs are again allowed to open up for ticket sales in the away stands.

The restrictions on spacing have also been reduced, so now there only needs to be 2 square meters per person, and this will be completely phased out after the 1st of September.

Many students at various educational institutions have become accustomed to regular testing, but this is no longer required. That applies to high schools, after-schools, youth and adult education programs, together with university educations.

Participant limits are lifted for animal shows and raised from 500 to 3000 for outdoor markets and 100 to 500 for indoor markets.

For outdoor athletic events, the maximum participant count has also been raised from 5000 to 10,000, with participants split into groups of 500.

Indoor events with standing guests are also allowed again, with a maximum of 3000 guests in groups of 500.

You can read the full agreement (in Danish) here.

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