New street art: International artist paints new mural in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

If you’ve recently passed through Dannebrogsgade and Annebergvej, you may have noticed a mural painting slowly appearing.

The internationally renowned artist LONAC has been invited to Aalborg by Kirk Galleri as part of their ‘Out in the Open’ project.

We spoke to Lene Kirk, owner of Kirk Galleri, to learn more about the mural painting and when it will be finished.

“Because of the varying weather, the work was prolonged, but Lonac finished yesterday,” she says.

Photo: KIRK Gallery

National Geographic visiting

National Geographic has documented the process for their series ‘Europe from Above,’ which is currently their second most-watched program with millions of viewers.

They were on-site with a drone to follow the artist’s progress, and they will also return to film the finished result.

LONAC is one of the world’s leading mural painters and originally started at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb where he is born and raised. 

The Croatian artist is best known for his photorealistic murals and paintings found in his home country and around the world.

LONACs’ extensive, eye-catching signature works of art – created with spray paint and brushes – are usually inspired by skateboard culture, comics, graffiti, film, music, and current social issues.

With a solid knowledge and skill in using painting equipment, including spray paint, LONAC has created a recognizable portfolio of art pieces ranging from monumental realistic works to smaller, humorous, and often surreal pieces.

National Geographic films Lonac with a drone. Photo: KIRK Gallery

Out in the Open

Since 2014, Kirk Gallery has been hosting the ‘Out in the Open’ project. This project is a series of large-scale gable paintings created by high-profile international street artists. These works appear all over town.

Kirk Gallery wishes to bring the highest quality art to many rather than a few.

Therefore, the art must be “out in the open,” so as many people as possible can experience what it means to live with art in their everyday lives.

You can find an overview of all the street art here.

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