New street art: Local artist brings out Spring in the center of Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

We’re always overjoyed when we discover new street art in Aalborg and what do you know, a new and beautiful mural has appeared just in time for Spring.

It’s the local artist Frida Stiil Vium who’s had her spray cans out and created a colorful and uplifting mural, which she has aptly named “Seek the light.”

The mural depicts a bird surrounded by green branches and berries, and you’ll find it in an otherwise anonymous corridor on Danmarksgade 3.

It took four days to complete, and it’s not the first mural the 25 year old artist has made. In 2019, she painted the bull by the entrance to Vesterbro and in 2020, the gable by Ved Stranden/Jomfru Ane Gade 16 got a loving hand when she created a huge mural.

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The positive things in life

Following the discovery of Aalborg’s latest mural, we reached out to the artist to ask about her inspiration for the artwork.

“The motif was made in cooperation with the people who have the wall at their disposal, and it’s inspired by the laurel shrubs that you’ll find just around the corner. I wanted the motif to express light and happy colors and fit Spring and the lighter times that we’re headed towards,” Frida explains.

This is also expressed in the title “Seek the light”:

“The title stems from thoughts about one’s attitude. That is to say the attitude you choose to adopt. Here the bird is trying to fly towards the light. In other words, it’s striving to look at the positive things in life and the existence it has.”

On top of that uplifting message there’s nothing else to do but head out into the great weather and visit the mural on Danmarksgade 3.

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