New study: Aalborg University tops on Tinder

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

A new study commissioned by Tinder reveals that many young singles are interested in knowing the educational background of potential matches.

Aalborg University ranks at the top of the list as the most mentioned university on the platform, according to Tinder’s press release.

Leading Ahead of KU and CBS

Tinder’s recent study shows that 87% of young singles consider the university an ideal place to find a partner. Furthermore, 65% indicate that they evaluate potential matches based on their field of study and shared academic interests.

The universities most frequently mentioned in the Tinder bios of young Danes are 1) Aalborg University, 2) University of Copenhagen (KU), and 3) Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

While Aalborg University is known for offering a wide range of academic fields, from languages to economics to data science, psychologist Francesca Tighinean suggests that it might be a good idea to match with someone who has different academic interests if one wishes to establish a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Especially if you’re looking to build the foundation for a lasting love connection.

Together with Tinder, she has compiled three good study-based matches that you can draw inspiration from if you’re seeking love:

History & Economics

Two individuals who are intellectually compatible enjoy learning from each other. History and economics students can make a strong, love-filled pair. Both tend to be curious, open to new ideas, and engage in deep conversations.

They value intellectual stimulation and are open to different perspectives. Both parties have the opportunity to grow in the relationship because they are willing to learn from each other and appreciate both order and structure in their lives.

Foreign Languages & Business Studies

Students studying foreign languages and business studies can be an excellent match because both parties are skilled communicators.

Young people studying business are often direct and confident communicators. At the same time, linguists, thanks to their linguistic intelligence, can express themselves with clarity and empathy.

This combination can lead to effective and considerate communication in a romantic relationship.

Psychology & Marketing

Sparks fly quickly in a room with psychology and marketing students. Both parties are naturally curious and tend to explore new ideas and perspectives.

This is an important aspect that encourages intellectual growth and new experiences.

Psychology students excel at listening and communicating, while marketing students are adept at interpersonal interactions.

Together, they can engage in meaningful and effective communication, leading to a better understanding of each other and a deeper connection.

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