New view on Corona: All restrictions will be removed in September

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The current categorization of Covid-19 as a public health crisis will end on September 10, 2021.

The government has decided not to extend this categorization due to both the high rate of fully vaccinated residents and the strong epidemic control measures.

That is what the Minister for Health has written in a press release.

The epidemic is under control

The decision not to extend Covid-19’s status as a public health crisis was made on the basis of expert knowledge from the Epidemic Commission and the Danish Health Authorities.

The Minister for Health, Magnus Heunicke, said:

“The epidemic is under control, and we have record numbers of fully vaccinated residents.

Therefore, as of September 10, we can remove the special rules that we had to invoke as part of the fight against Covid-19.

But even though we are in a good place now, we are still not completely out of this epidemic. And the government will not hesitate in taking action quickly if the pandemic again threatens our society,” the Minister says.

Categorisation to be dropped

The categorization of Covid-19 as a public health crisis has made it possible to invoke a range of special rules to allow the government to handle Covid-19 – for example, the ban on gathering in groups, enforced use of the corona-pass, and mandatory use of face masks.

When this categorization is dropped, it, therefore, means that the rules and restrictions which come from the epidemic law will no longer be used.

This means that among other things the remaining restrictions from the reopening plan of June 2021 will be removed, as there are no longer grounds to support their necessity.

More concretely, this includes the corona-pass mandate for larger events and remaining restrictions on nightlife.

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