New world tour: Michael McIntyre makes it MACNIFICENT in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Soon, the internationally acclaimed comedy star Michael McIntyre will grace Northern Jutland with his latest show, currently on a global tour.

In a press release, Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center (AKKC) writes that the British comedian will light up the stage at their venue on Thursday, December 7, 2023 – and it’s bound to be absolutely MACNIFICENT!

Michael McIntyre isn’t just the biggest comedian in the UK; he’s one of the greatest comedians worldwide.

Loved by audiences of all ages around the globe, he’s celebrated for his ability to turn mundane everyday situations into uproarious comedy.

He graced Aalborg back in 2019, and now, the British comedian is ready to conquer Northern Jutland once again with his brand-new show, MACNIFICENT.

In true McIntyre fashion, he’ll take the stage in AKKC’s Aalborghallen and give the audience a night filled with thigh-slapping funny stand-up.

World tour in full swing

It’s been four years since Michael McIntyre last graced the stand-up stage. Much has happened since then, and now the beloved comedian is embarking on a new world tour, making stops in cities like London, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, New York – and, of course, the Paris of the North.

The MAGNIFICENT show is currently captivating audiences worldwide, earning high praise from critics, including The Telegraph, which hails it as “a gift for transmuting the absurdities of everyday life into comedic gold”.

The Arts Desk, a British media outlet, also commends the show, stating:

“As a comedian, McIntyre has built a career on observational comedy, extracting a grain of truth from everyday life—mobile phones, diets, the anxieties of parenthood, and even bread—and gradually weaving a narrative that reaches almost surreal heights (…) it’s skillfully executed and doesn’t disappoint.”

Singing tree full of laughs

When Michael McIntyre visited Aalborg in 2019, he became the 95th international superstar to plant a tree in The Park of Music in Kildeparken.

The tree-planting was a continuous burst of laughter with McIntyre in top form, seizing every little word and every opportunity to make the situation humorous. What he does best – making everyday life and its situations funny.

Visitors to The Park of Music can press the button at the stand with sound next to the tree and listen to one of Michael McIntyre’s funny jokes, enjoying a good laugh outdoors.

Tickets for Michael McIntyre – MACNIFICENT at AKKC/Aalborghallen on Thursday, December 7, 2023, at 8:00 PM are on sale and can be purchased at AKKC’s ticket office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 12 PM & 1 PM to 3 PM by calling 9935 5566 or via

Ticket prices range from 405-875 DKK, including fees. A limited number of Study Tickets are available with a 50% discount for students. Learn more at

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