News on the way: Preparations for Christmas at the Zoo are in full swing

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Aalborg Zoo isn’t just the go-to place if you want to watch roaring lions or chirping parrots.

Last year they presented their brand new Christmas at the Zoo, which really brightened the cold winter darkness.

More than 80.000 guests visited the zoo by sundown, and the high number of visitors is probably also the reason why Aalborg Zoo won Event of the Year at the MigogAalborg’s Aalborg Awards last week.

Although there will be fewer events and guests this year, we can fortunately still look forward to Christmas at Zoo – just in a corona-friendly edition.

“We still don’t know the guidelines as it depends on how the reproduction rate of the virus will advance.

But I can guarantee that we’re keeping ourselves fully updated to ensure that the zoo is safe to visit,” Susanne Solskov, Marketing Director for Aalborg Zoo, says.

Preparations are in full swing

Even though there are one and a half months until opening, preparations are already in full swing. In fact, several attractions are now ready for Christmas guests.

“The giant Christmas tree on the lawn by Skovbakken is almost finished. On top of that, there are already many lights in the trees including the lanterns by the carnivores, and the light-icicles in the savanna as well,” Susanne Solskov explains.

The big chestnut tree by the baboons, which is wrapped in three-kilometers worth of lights, just needs inspecting to ensure that all the branches are shining – even the smallest. 

Lots of news on the way 

Guests can look forward to the sight of hundreds of thousands of lights, which create a magical path throughout the garden. But there is even more news coming.

“I cannot reveal too much yet but we are aiming to make something exceptional with the exotic animal-building – it’s actually just a construction site right now,” Sussane says secretly and continues:

“We have tons of news that we’ll be revealing down the road once we near the opening.”

The opening date is November 13 and subsequently, you can enjoy the brilliant garden lights on select nights.

After December 10, the zoo is open every day until December 29.

“We’re excited to repeat last year’s success – regardless of the guidelines we’ll have to follow,” Susanne Solskov concludes.

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