No more night trips: Providers disable e-scooters at night in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: VOI
Photo: VOI

It’s been a terrific alternative to a taxi, bicycle, or long walk home from the center of Aalborg.

But now, the option for night-time scooter rides is over for all users in Aalborg, according to the e-scooter provider, VOI, who have disabled the usage of e-scooters after midnight.

New regulations from Aalborg Municipality

“Night closing in Aalborg starts Saturday, August 21,” they wrote in their announcement.

They continue:

“With new regulations from Aalborg Municipality, our service will no longer be available from 00.00 – 06.00 starting Saturday,” VOI says.

People can use the scooters at all other times, as per usual.

In Copenhagen, a regulation of usage times for e-scooters started after too many accidents involving drunk scooter drivers.

VOI took the initiative in September 2020 to disable the scooters during the night in Copenhagen.

“We want to put an end to drunk driving on e-scooters, as VOI doesn’t accept that people use the scooters while under the influence.

We can see that most accidents happen during nighttime and when people have been drinking. Therefore, we chose to disable renting during these periods”, Kristian Agerbo, global director of politics and urban development in VOI, says.

In this case, it is Aalborg Municipality ordering VOI to disable their scooters during nighttime.

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