Nostalgia meets modern: New Christmas shop opens in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

You probably won’t find a place in town with more Christmas spirit and nostalgia than at Aalborg’s Historical Museum.

Today, Aalborg Historical Museum once again opens its magnificent Christmas shop.  Here classic meets modern decorations. 

You’re invited to visit and experience a little melancholy as the angels and Bramming’s Christmas gnomes greet you from the wall.

Once again this year the shelves are overflowing with Christmas decorations from grandpa’s childhood and supermarkets’ pre-made sweets. Mass-produced baubles rest against bundles of straw, jolly men, and beautiful cardboard Christmas calendars.

Step into a different age

In other words, every detail has been considered. From 10:00 in the morning, you can take a step into the past where a nostalgic Christmas is awaiting you.

The Christmas shop is a mecca for collectors, families with children, and especially young people who want to replace Nordic winter design with the good old Danish Christmas.

“We’re all about creating that old-fashioned Christmas atmosphere, so of course we’re decorating the place the old-fashioned way with a Christmas tree and traditional Christmas decorations such as big stars and braided Christmas hearts.

Old-fashioned ornaments that filled the shops years ago can now be found at the museum. We want to give customers the experience of stepping back into a time of the good old Christmas,” shop manager Vibeke Hvass Mølbak says.

Even more collectibles 

Once again this year, glass decorations from Brink Nordic are available in many different variations, from classic Christmas styles like drums, braided hearts, and Dannebrog flags to more modern ornaments like a sausage or caravan.

“People have already started coming by to see if we have anything they don’t already have. Every year we get new designs – this year, for example, we’ve got pixie slippers and ice skates.

The glass ornaments from Brink Nordic have become a collector’s item for many people,” Vibeke explains.

In the middle of the shop, the Christmas tree is topped rather untraditionally with a paper stork.

That’s how it is for a lot of the decorations in the museum. Some decorations stem from unknown or long-forgotten traditions, many of which most are unaware of.

Mulled wine from the Renaissance

In addition to Christmas decorations from the old days, it is also possible to buy more exotic Christmas products such as Lutendranck. It is a fresh and spicy mulled drink from the Renaissance, which can be served hot or cold.

The word Lutendranck originates from the Low German language and means “spiced wine.”

The recipe for this Christmas potion dates back to the Middle Ages and contains one of the most popular spices, grains of paradise. The potion originated in West Africa, is quite exotic, and was traditionally only for the upper-middle class.

If you buy Christmas decorations or Lutendranck at the museum, you also get something else not available in ordinary shops.

The selected items – for example, straw Christmas dolls, Christmas candles, and Lutendranck – are accompanied by a piece of history.

Open all Christmas 

You can experience the old, nostalgic Christmas in the museum’s Christmas shop, located on Algade 48 at Budolfi Plads. The shop is now open.

You can also find a selection of the products in the museum’s webshop – for instance Brammings’ Christmas gnomes, angel games, and a how-to-braid-Christmas-hearts book as well as the popular glass decorations from Brink Nordic.

Find the webshop here.

Opening times for the Christmas shop:

November: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-17:00

December: Monday-Saturday 10:00-17:30

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