Nostalgic Christmas magic: Magnificent Christmas shop opens in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Even though the calendar has not yet reached December 1st, many of us are already more than ready to celebrate the coziest holiday of the year: Christmas.

On Budolfi Plads, the museum Nordjyske Museer is once again ready to present the city’s most nostalgic Christmas shop, starting today.

In this magnificent Christmas shop, classic Christmas decorations meet the modern, and you are encouraged to embrace the nostalgia as angel music plays and Bramming’s climbing elves greet you from the walls.

New additions to the store

Once again this year, the shop is decorated from floor to ceiling, and even though the shelves are already filled with all the usual items, there is also room for new additions.

For example, there are now elves from Anne Beate Design, which first saw the light of day in 1963.

According to Vibeke Hvass Mølbak, the museum’s store manager, these are classic Christmas elves that bring back memories for Christmas shoppers.

Furthermore, the already extensive selection of Brink Nordic has been expanded again, and this year, in the spirit of the museum, there are Vikings added to the family of glass ornaments.

“They come in many different variations – both in the classic Christmas style like drums, woven hearts, and Danish flags, and in more historical motifs like a Viking, a Viking ship, and Dybbøl Mill.

There is also a small mailbox for Christmas cards that says Aalborg on it. It is already very popular.

People have started coming by to see if we have something from Brink that they don’t already have – both the classic and the more unique.

In general, glass ornaments from Brink Nordic have become collectibles for many, so we have a really large selection from them,” Vibeke Hvass Mølbak says.

In addition to Christmas decorations, the shop also offers a wide selection of classic Christmas books for children, ranging from “Peters Jul” to “Bjerne Reuters Historien om nissen” and “H. C. Andersen’s Juleeventyr” (H.C. Andersen’s Christmas Stories).

Pure Nostalgia

If you’re looking for Advent calendar gifts, there’s plenty to choose from in the shop.

Moreover, you can find an entirely unconventional rice pudding bowl that you can’t resist taking home in the hope that it can attract real elves.

And if that doesn’t work, there’s good advice for it in the shop, which offers both the crawling and mischievous elves.

In addition to Christmas decorations from days gone by, it’s also possible to find more exotic Christmas items, such as “Lutendranck.” It’s a fresh and spiced drink from the Renaissance that can be served hot or cold.

The word “Lutendranck” originally comes from Low German and means filtered, spiced wine.

If you prefer coffee, you can get one of the city’s cheapest cups in the museum’s adjoining cafe area, which is also decorated according to all the rules of art – and a hot drink costs only 10 kroner.

All in all, a visit to the museum’s Christmas shop is a must during the holiday season, where grandparents can warm their hearts over childhood nostalgic Christmas decorations, and the youngest can explore Christmas through the ages.

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