Not for children: A familiar location turns into a horrifying Easter hunt 

by Shellie Boudreau

Being chased by blood-stained creatures through dark hallways and abandoned cold rooms…

This is just one element of the horrifying Easter hunt that is just around the corner. 

If you don’t mind exercising your vocal cords, a.k.a. screaming, or having chills run up your spine then this hunt is for you. 

Over the first two weekends in April, Friis Shoppingcenter is transforming the Dalle Valle location into a haunted house. The house is full of vile creatures, and the site is eerie.   

Locked and abandoned rooms are small Escape Rooms along the Easter hunt passageway.

Children are not allowed at Aalborg’s creepiest Easter hunt. The event is for people over 18 years.

You can book tickets here. 

You will be hunted constantly

The Easter egg hunt will include elements from a classic haunted house as you make your way through the dark passageways and abandoned rooms.

The question is whether you can muster the courage to find all the eggs while being chased by eerie creatures and overcome your growing fear and rapidly beating heart. 

During the hunt, you are also “locked-in” a closed and cold room to play an Escape Room as if your life depends on it.

Suppose you fail to solve the riddle, one member of your hunting team risks being kidnapped. There is no clear view of what or who is hiding in the room.

However, if you solve the riddles in both “Escape Rooms” then you have a chance to win “The Golden Easter Egg,” this year’s main prize.

Inside The Golden Easter Egg is a valuable and special prize worth conquering your fears.  

So join the hunt and have the scariest time of your life.  

The Egg holds prizes from Friis Shoppingcenter stores

The “Hunt” takes place over the first two weekends in April. The Hunt starts on Friday and continues over the weekends. The start date is April 1st.

You will be locked into a large premise of several thousand square meters in  Friis Shoppingcenter and in groups of 10 persons (maximum) at a time. 

Then you will be set free to hunt for the eggs as they are hidden around the built-up house of horror. These hidden eggs also contain various prizes from the stores in Friis Shoppingcenter.

Along the way, your group will be locked inside the “Escape Rooms,” using Dalle Valle’s location, which is now cold, closed down and creepy. 

Imagine the bloodthirsty creatures that might be sitting in there. 

Friis Shoppingcenter hired some of the best in the country to build the haunted Easter house and create a freaky experience where you can also win some fantastic prizes.  

There is talk that the Easter Egg Hunt may be the largest in Friis Shoppingcenter’s history in Aalborg.

Ticket sales are open, and similar events sell out quickly, so book yours soon.

The whole experience is about 20-30 minutes, depending on how fast you run and solve the mysteries along the way. 

The price is 129 kr per person + a ticket processing fee of 10 kr.

What: Easter hunt
Where: Friis Shopping Center
When: Friday, April 1
Saturday, April 2
Sunday, April 3
Friday, April 8
Saturday, April 9
Sunday, April 10

You can book tickets here

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