Not-so-pretty feet: AalborgFodterapi alleviates pain and damage

by Shellie Boudreau

Playing high-impact sports or performing hard work puts a lot of pressure and stress on our feet – especially between the skin and the bones. With time, our feet build thick skin, which can turn into calluses and corns.

Sound familiar?

If you enjoy being active or live with diabetes, calluses and corns can be everything from uncomfortable to exceptionally painful and, for some, lead to foot ulcers.

This is why having your feet regularly checked and treated by a trained foot therapist can improve your game, pains, and health.

Our feet are often overlooked during regular care but are windows to our health. And taking care of them can make our whole body feel instantly better. We should know at MyAalborg because our feet are feeling incredible right now.

“Amongst other health conditions, early warning signs related to blood circulation problems or neuropathies can be seen on the soles of feet.

This is because our feet are the farthest away from our heart,’ Mi-ok Kim, owner of AalborgFodterapi, says.

When you come in for a treatment at AalborgFodterapi, owner Mi-ok Kim examines your toes, toe nails, and feet soles.

Extraordinary hands-on care for your sporty feet

At AalborgFodterapi you get personalized, hands-on care for your feet. For those with diabetes, there is an extra assessment and care if needed.

If you engage in sports, competitively or for leisure, such as handball, karate, basketball, and football, forming thick skin, calluses, and corns is completely natural.

It’s your body’s way to combat the excessive pressure and friction during sport – and it’s a sign of your hard work.

But some of us know our feet suffer from a little more than thick skin. 

The clinic is located on Hobrovej 93.

We may have thick and discolored toenails, ingrown toenails, cracked skin, toenail fungus or foot warts. All the benefits of shared locker rooms, warm shoes, and micro-injuries our feet endure from sports, hard work or chronic conditions, such as diabetes.  

But there is good news! No matter how pretty or not-so-pretty your feet may appear, Mi-ok Kim from AalborgFodterapi can help you – every step of the way. 

Some of us at MyAalborg have played sports for years. Indeed we suffered aches and pains without realizing that it is not a Friday night soak but extraordinary hands-on care for our sporty feet that can make a long-lasting difference.

No need to hide your toes: All feet are welcome 

Having someone examine our feet may make us uncomfortable, but Mi-ok Kim from AalborgFodterapi has “seen it all”. This is a place you can be real with no need to hide your toes in any way.

“I’ve always dreamed of opening a clinic and wanted a career where I could be helpful and balance my work. And AalborgFodterapi has been open for less than a year now,” Mi-ok Kim says with a smile. 

“Many people don’t know why they experience pain in their feet or may think their shoes don’t fit right,” she adds.  

During our visit, our calloused feet were treated.

In addition to her education, Mi-ok Kim worked as a home care assistant for 10 years, taking care of all kinds of patients, including those suffering from diabetes and illnesses that can affect our feet. 

So your feet will be in knowledgeable hands, and you will find the answers you seek and more. You can get help for mild to extreme cases of:

  • Hard skin
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Ingrown nails
  • Thick nails
  • Foot and toe fungus
  • General foot care
  • Inspection for health issues

What to expect from a visit

For this particular MyAalborg visit, the arrival of thick calluses and hard skin were considered minor. But even so, all that is now gone. 

The visit involved a thorough examination and attention to toes, toenails, heels, and soles of the feet – even my shoes and socks were examined! 

“For a first visit, you should set aside 1-1.5 hours and then plan a check-up every three months, if possible,” Mi-ok Kim explains.

So what exactly happened during the visit? 

My toenails were cleaned, cut properly, buffered, and polished. Then the hard skin was carefully removed from the soles of my feet, heels and toes. The result was that I neared a shoe size smaller.

Bamboo socks are especially good because the material allows the feet to breathe. You can purchase them in the clinic.

After further examination, a barely noticeable black dot smack dab in the middle of my heel was found. Yikes! A wart taking root. That was treated too. 

Then we discussed my socks and shoes as a good layer of nourishing cream was heavily applied to my positively glowing feet. 

“Bamboo socks, in particular, help the foot breathe better as the bamboo transports moisture away from the foot,” Mi-ok Kim says.

Do I have pairs in my sock drawer now: Yes, I do.

Stand up for your feet and find out more

If you want to learn more about all the types of treatments and prices, AalborgFodterapi has a super easy-to-read and informative site here.

Below we shortlisted some treatments and prices.

Remember, addressing growing or thickening skin or toenail issues now can prevent long-term damage to your feet and health. 

General Foot treatment: DKK 480.

Clipping of nails, straightening and shaping of nails, cleaning of nail folds, trimming of calluses and corns. Finish with cream.

Complicated foot treatment: DKK 580.

For extra hard skin or thick and or fungal nails. Finish with cream.

Luxury treatment: DKK 680.

Foot bath, cutting of nails, straightening and sharpening nails, cleaning of nail folds, trimming calluses and corns. Foot peeling or nail polish (Optional). Finish with foot cream and nail oil.

Partial treatment: DKK 300.

Removal of corns or granulation tissue and wart treatment. Finish with cream.

Treatment for ingrown nails without foot treatment DKK 320 for 1 bracket

and subsequent hangers DKK 150 per additional bracket – cutting of the nails in question, levelling and buffing the nails, thorough cleaning of the nail fold, production and application of the brace

Clinical examinations: DKK 450.

(deducted when purchasing insoles) – joint test, FPI-6 test, footprint, and gait analysis for manufacturing insoles

Check out a few options listed below and more on AalborgFodterapi’s website.

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