Now it’s clear: North Jutland’s largest Oktoberfest is taking place this year

by Shellie Boudreau

Are you missing parties with colleagues, friends, and family?

Wait no more!

Things are returning back to normal, and as of August 15, we can once again gather 10.000 people for larger events.

With the new ease of restrictions, it is now certain that North Jutland’s largest Oktoberfest will be held at Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) this year.

The renowned DJ Ötzi will mix the beat on Saturday, October 23, with 1400 participants.

Only a few hundred tickets left

You may believe there is ample time to decide on whether to attend Oktoberfest.

But is it a risk worth taking?

Last year, most guests chose to keep their 2021 tickets in anticipation of the event in 2022.  This means there are only a few hundred tickets available for sale now.

“It is important to be quick this time because of the incredible support from those who secured a ticket last year. Our supporters kept their tickets, which is why I think we will sell out soon.

We are super excited and look forward to a huge party in Aalborg Congress & Culture Center,” Jonas Winter Mikkelsen from Nordjysk Kultur & Sport says.

Strong Match

One possible explanation for why they experienced so many ticket sales may be the great match between the event organization and the food.

There is an emphasis on original high-quality German food for this Oktoberfest.  The match between food and event was facilitated by the Aalborg Congress & Culture Center where the event takes place.

The organizers also secured DJ Ötzi as a performer, which was quite a scoop.

The King of Octoberfest

DJ Ötzi is known as the king of Oktoberfest parties, especially his legendary sing-a-long songs such as “Hey Baby,” “Sweet Caroline,” and “Ein Stern.”

There will be plenty of entertainment throughout the evening and a delicious buffet with genuine Oktoberfest party food.

Obviously, you can buy giant Oktoberfest draft beers and other drinks at the bar.

Read more and buy your ticket here


  • 17.30 – Doors open
  • 18.00 – Oktoberfest-buffet (closes at 19.30)
  • 19.00 – Tirolerband Aalburg
  • 21.00 – DJ Ötzi live
  • 22.00 – DJ Julius plays greatest Oktoberfest-hits
  • 01.00 – Party ends at AKKC


Main Course:

Cabbage sausages and veal schnitzels with sky-sauce and fried potatoes served with pea salad, quark, and small cucumbers. Plus bread, butter, and mustard


Apple pie with phyllo dough and whipped cream.

The ticket includes a buffet while drinks have to be purchased.

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