Now it’s confirmed: North Jutland to be hit by the storm Pia just before Christmas

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

It will be a fierce round that hits the country right before the start of the Christmas holidays.

On Tuesday evening, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) issued a new warning, and here it is certain that Denmark will be hit by a full-fledged storm.

It has already been named Pia, and on DMI’s warning map, the Aalborg area and other parts of North Jutland are marked in yellow.

This means that DMI warns of gusts of hurricane force, which is 25-32 meters per second.

“South of the storm low Pia, it blows strongly from the west, and Thursday evening, Denmark’s northwest coasts will experience gale to storm with gusts of hurricane force.

It is generally in the coastal areas that the wind will be strongest,” the on-duty meteorologist at DMI, Jens Lindskjold, writes.

Can affect Christmas traffic

Over land, there will also be strong gusts of wind, according to DMI.

If the storm is as bad as predicted, it could mean closed bridges and canceled ferry departures.

It is expected that the storm will hit large parts of the country on Thursday and is expected to decrease only Friday night.

It will affect Christmas traffic, as many people go on Christmas vacation from Friday afternoon.

“We warn of a storm with everything a storm entails. There are restrictions on the bridges, problems with ferry traffic, fallen trees, and blocked roads,” Jens Lindskjold explains to Ritzau.

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