Official: Lockdown is extended an additional three weeks

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Last night, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen spoke to the nation and again the news was discouraging.

The lockdown of Denmark continues, and the restrictions are extended another three weeks until February 28.

Originally, the lockdown was supposed to end on February 7.

This means that shopping centers, department stores, restaurants, and liberal professions such as hairdressers, masseuses, etc. continue being closed.

Makes announcement next week

The Prime Minister did however leave the door open to the possibility of young students from grades 0-4 returning back to school sooner than February 28.

“It is our hope that students from grades 0-4 can go back to school before that date.

Statens Serum Institut is calculating right now, and we expect to be able to make an announcement next week,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said.

It’s the British mutation that is currently spreading throughout the country, and it worries the authorities.

“Although it is positive, actually impressive, that we have managed to lower the number of infected, the numbers are concealing a serious development.

The new mutation is so infectious that it’s still spreading despite all the restrictions we have imposed in Denmark.

The new mutations have altered the game rules,” the Prime Minister explained.

Don’t expect a quick reopening in March

During the press conference, it was further stated that we shouldn’t set our hopes on a quick reopening in March, similar to the one we experienced in the spring of 2020.

“We are planning that the restrictions in Denmark can only be loosened slowly, unfortunately.

We have seen how quickly the new mutation can bring things out of order. That is why we cannot loosen the restrictions. Even now where we are vaccinating more people, we have to tread carefully,” Mette Frederiksen said.

She didn’t hide the fact that the Danish night life will be one of the last things to reopen.

“The youngest students first. The night life last,” she said.

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