Onboarding event: Network with international talents and learn about the onboarding process

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: The International House North Denmark
Photo: The International House North Denmark

On April 13th, you can join the International House North Denmark’s event Talents and Onboarding with Dennis Nørmark and Ballard, an event organized in connection with the project CO2Vision.

The event begins with a matchmaking session where you can meet and network with international talents (prior to the event, you will receive information about the participants’ educational background and work experience).

Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S will share their experience with recruiting and onboarding international talents and Keynote speaker Dennis Nørmark will shed light on cultural understanding and differences, an important factor to consider when welcoming new international employees.

This is a good opportunity if you would like to put culture on the agenda of your company!

You can see the program and sign up here.

If you want to know more about the project take a look at CO2Visions website.

You can also sign up for CO2 visions newsletter to stay updated on the latest news on CCUS in North Denmark or take a look at this video to get an introduction to the project.

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