Only with MigogAalborg: Large burger meal from Burger Go for just 99 kr.

by Ashton Christensen

Here at MyAalborg, we can present a fantastic piece of news.

One of the city’s most famous burger shops has reopened.

Burger Go by “Ved Stranden” has again opened its doors after a period of closure.

Since its reopening, hungry locals in Aalborg have flocked to Burger Go to once again get their hands on their delicious burgers and TO-DIE-FOR fries.

We have a special offer exclusively for our readers in collaboration with Burger Go.

A giant burger meal for only 99 kr. You’re saving 45 kr. on this offer.

You can only book the offer right here.

MyAalborg Treat

This is a special offer between MigogAalborg and Burger Go. MigogAalborg earns a percentage per unit sold.

MyAalborg Burgermenu på Burger Go
Only 99 kr.

An extraordinary summer deal, available for the next two weeks only, but can be used until August 31, 2023.

Burger with fries

Large greasy burger and signature fries

Act quickly if you wish to spoil yourself with a flavorful and delicious burger meal at a special price.

Enjoy a burger meal consisting of a large greasy burger, their homemade rustic signature fries, and a dip of choice.

We HIGHLY recommend their chilli mayo, which is rather spicy in the best possible way.

You can choose between a Cheese Burger or a Special; both are delicious.

Photo: Simone Kjølby Christensen

Many were sad about the closure.

Over 500 comments from unhappy Aalborg residents speak about their discontent.

It was sad when Burger Go announced its shutdown in June 2022.

The reason for the closure was, among other things, the COVID-19 lockdowns and skyrocketing energy prices.

Fortunately, the pandemic is behind us, and energy and other commodity prices have reached a more manageable level.

All these facts lead us to a fantastic piece of news: Burger Go reopened in May.

The address is the same as before: Ved Stranden 11B.

The opening hours are Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 21:00, and Friday to Saturday from 12:00 to 05:00 in European Union time.

What: MyAalborg x Burger Go Treat
Large burger meal consisting of a large greasy burger, their homemade rustic signature fries, and a dip of choice.
Normal price 140-145 kr.

The offer can be redeemed until August 31st, but can only be PURCHASED until July 30th.
The address is t: Ved Stranden 11B. 11B, 9000 Aalborg
Book the offer right here

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