Open for booking: Brand new padel center opens in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

It was Aalborg’s first padel center but in the spring of 2022 Padel Lounge Aalborg closed its doors for a complete renovation.

Plans were to open in December 2022 but delays pushed the launch date. 

Now the reopening is near though and you can already start booking courts in the new facilities.

Seven new courts

The Padel Lounge center will open its doors to padel enthusiasts and beginners between April 25th and May 1st. 

We know how quickly time can fly; before you know it March will be April.

If you’d like to secure a spot and make plans, you can book courts now for May 1st and onwards.

The center is at the same location at Eternitten but offers a completely new and top-notch premises.

“Architecturally it is the same as before but everything is new.

Everything is brand new and there will be heating all year round. There are new changing rooms, seven newly laid courts and a nice lounge area,” the founder of Padel Lounge, Mads Harrestrup, says.

“Now you do not need to be afraid of running into a seagull,” he says with a laugh, referring to the former center which was in rough shape.

The new center is laid out with six doubles courts and a single singles court, which paddle-loving Aalborg residents can enjoy.

There is one less track than before. Now there is one single instead of two single tracks.

But on the other hand, everything around is fresh and modern with nice facilities, and the center will also be equipped with a padel shop.

So you have access to everything you need. You may want to upgrade your equipment or need a new grip – they have a shop for that now.

Giant opening party

When the new center opens its doors, they plan to make it memorable.

The Padel Lounge invites you to their opening party. There will be music, draft beer, and the opportunity to come and play for free and enjoy the atmosphere – even as a spectator.

“It is definitely worth celebrating. We have a more centrally located place to play the game.

Our location is golden, especially for people without a car. Also, our prices are comparable to other centers in and around Aalborg,” Mads says.

The Padel Lounge aims to nurture and build a community with the center for the padel players and enthusiasts.

“We are hiring a coach to organise tournaments, events for companies and schools and many other activities.

We will do what it takes to build relations with our members,” Mads explains.

You can keep updated about their launch party on their Facebook page here.

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