Open wine bar: Restaurant Glashuset moves into Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Lønstrup is a summer town, and Restaurant Glashuset is a popular place to dine when visiting.

The restaurant serves thousands over the summer as their menu offers some of the best selections from the North Sea.

Perhaps you have not tried their classics or wish to visit the Glass House Restaurant more often. Now you can.

Some of the best offers from the North Sea are washing up on Aalborg pedestrian streets, but not in a way you might think.

Glashuset in Lønstrup and Restaurant Tabu have the same owners. Need we say more about genius in the making?

Its official, Restaurant Glass House will move to Aalborg for a while.

Coastal Fish, seafood, and lunch classics

Restaurant Glass House will be housed in the room next to the gourmet restaurant Tabu – the same room where the UBAT-concept was located.

“In November and December, we will bring a small part of the North Sea to Vesterå and serve some of our specialties from Restaurant Glass House in Lønstrup.

The menu includes something for everyone and is based on coastal fish, seafood, and lunch classics,” Michael Miv Pedersen, owner of Tabu and Glass House, explains to MyAalborg.

He continues to explain the concept:

“We will open “the North Sea in Vesterå – Glass House pop-up” on November 2nd, and then we will change the menu in December.  The change will embrace a portion of the winter Christmas spirit.

Shooting-star and tartar as a 3 course menu

Lunch includes the classics, such as the Danish ’stjerneskud’ (directly translated as shooting-star) and Tatar.

In the evening, you choose a three-course menu for 375 kr. The menu includes fish, seafood, and other delicious and local ingredients.

Alternatively, you can choose from an a la carte menu

Further, there is a special offer. Just as in Lønstrup, you can buy an open bar, which includes wine and beer.

“Every evening there is a lovely wine bar where you order as much as you’d like for two or three hours (250,- / 350,-). There will be a selection of bubbles, white-, red-, rosé- & dessert-wine.

Also, beer from Hancock is in this special offer. Of course, we have a wine list, various sodas, and drinks on the menu.

You are welcome to stop by and enjoy the special wine bar offer – there is no need to order food if you are in the mood for a few good glasses of wine,” Michael Miv explains.

Restaurant Glashuset in Aalborg

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Lunch from 11:30 – 15:30

Dinner from 17:00 – 00:00 (Kitchen closes at 21:30)

Book through, and choose “Vesterhavet i Vesterå” in the booking portal.

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