Opening date revealed: Guf & Kugler is reopening soon

by Ashton Christensen

Last year they won the title of Denmark’s best ice cream house.

Now Guf & Kugler has revealed when ice cream-hungry locals can satisfy their sweet tooth.

The prestigious ice cream parlour kicks off its season on Friday, the 17th of March, with homemade ice cream and lots of toppings.

All the classics and additional news

Have you missed Guf & Kugler’s classic flavors, such as licorice, blackcurrant dream, or mint chocolate?

Then fear not!

The ice cream maker may still be snoring in the ice cream room but soon she’ll wake up and start making all the delicious classics and of course, accompanied by copious amounts of homemade vanilla or licorice topping.

“We are so excited to reveal our ice cream novelties.

But most importantly, you can look forward to our delicious classics which will be the same as last year.

There is nothing worse than treasuring duck roast for Christmas and being served a boiled sausage,” Guf & Kugler’s ice cream mother, Charlotte Kjeldsen Korsholm, says with a smile.

Although the classics will still be on display, the owner can reveal one of the exciting ice cream novelties:

“Easter falls quite early this year. That means there has been a mysterious Easter bunny sneaking around planting Easter treats.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to savour ice cream, we have an Easter ice cream,” Charlotte explains and adds:

“We will start producing ice cream in early March to fill our freezer room with lots of goodies.”

Officially, Guf & Kugler will open at noon on Friday, April 17th, but Charlotte admits they may have trouble waiting that long and may open a little earlier in the day.

Guf & Kugler still for sale

It came as a bit of a shock when Charlotte Korsholm and Hans Kjeldsen, the owners of Guf & Kugler, listed their business for sale last October, just six months after being voted Denmark’s best ice cream house.

But there is a very good and simple reason for this – and it has nothing to do with inflation, crisis, or other economic reasons.

“We delivered a great annual report and a fantastic season in 2022.

So it is important to stress that it has nothing to do with economics,” Charlotte says, explaining the real reason:

“On the other hand, unfortunately, we are only 25 years old in our minds. But we can no longer escape the fact that we are physically older and that brings its own struggles.

Ice cream dad is 64 years old and he is no spring chicken anymore,” Ice cream mom, Charlotte, says and laughs.

There has been a lot of activity in relation to a possible sale, which has led to several offers from interested buyers.

But the right one has not yet come forward:

“There is still plenty of fire in us, and we have plenty of time. It is also important for us that Guf & Kugler is still located in Aalborg and Nibe.

That is why we have turned down several offers where the buyer wants to close one or open the concept in Aarhus instead,” Charlotte, who is certainly not burnt out and is ready to serve ice cream to all in Aalborg and Nibe until the right buyer comes along, says.

So if you have a ice-cream-dream and think it would be great to own your own ice cream shop then now is the time. 

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