Pack your suitcases: Aalborg Airport opens route to popular holiday island

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Had enough of the unpredictable weather? Well, there’s good news if you’re longing for the sun’s rays.

Starting from February 6th, Norwegian Airlines will be flying directly from Aalborg Airport to the lush and beautiful holiday island of Madeira.

The new direct route to the Portuguese Atlantic island further emphasizes a large upcoming winter program from Aalborg – offering many travel opportunities to the sunny South.

This route provides an opportunity for both a bit of warmth during the winter and in the lush spring when the island’s blossoms are at their most beautiful.

“We are pleased to announce the new route to Madeira.

Together with our five direct routes from Aalborg to sunny Spanish destinations, we now offer a wide range of attractive routes over the coming winter.

The fact that we can once again announce a new route from Aalborg underscores our growth ambitions.

Travelers have welcomed us, and North Jutland is an important region for Norwegian. Therefore, we are interested in exploring the right opportunities to increase the route offerings,” Magnus Maursund, commercial director at Norwegian, says.

A colorful winter favorite returns

Madeira has previously been on the program as a charter destination where the new Norwegian route allows travelers to arrange their entire vacation themselves.

At the same time, there are good travel options with companies like NILLES Rejser and Best Travel, who can offer their customers a complete package with flights, hotels, and guides to complete the fantastic travel experience that Madeira offers.

“Norwegian is expanding their winter program from Aalborg Airport once again, and we are very pleased with the good cooperation Norwegian has with both us and the North Jutland tour operators.

There is no doubt that their increasing route offerings from Aalborg Airport are significant for us as an airport and especially for the travelers, who now have even more travel options to choose from.

Madeira is therefore really good news, complementing a strong program to the Canary Islands in the winter program, where sun and warmth are the big draws.

Madeira is a popular holiday destination due to the pleasant temperatures and lush climate, which emphasize nature and cultural experiences more,” airport director Niels Hemmingsen says.

Flight tickets for the new route between Aalborg and Madeira are available for purchase at

It is also possible to book a complete package tour through NILLES Rejser and Best Travel.

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