Padel amok in Aalborg: Another huge new centre opens here

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Photo: Match Padel
Photo: Match Padel

You may know of the burger wave, the frozen yogurt wave, and more recently the donut wave in Aalborg.

There are now indications that the ultra-popular Padel (AKA paddle-ball or paddle-tennis) will be the next big wave in Aalborg, and that makes quite a lot of sense given Padel is the fastest growing sport in Denmark.

At Eternitten we already have Padel Lounge, and soon Padelpadel will open up in Svenstrup.

Now we can reveal that another large center is on its way to Aalborg. Match Padel, which already has centers in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Ballerup, and Silkeborg, will soon open a completely new paddle-ball center in Aalborg.

Match Padel will open in City Syd on Nibevej 58.

The center is almost finished; the hall is already insulated, the heating system has been tested, and the changing-room facilities are completely finished.

“We just need to get the courts finished, and that is where we have unfortunately had a challenge as our work team from Spain has been prevented from coming here due to corona. We expect to have an opening date to announce around Christmas,” Palle Bruun Rasmussen from Match Padel says.

Photo: Match Padel

Aalborg has been in the works for a long time

When Match Padel’s center has been completed, we can look forward to a center with four courts and a full nine meters to the ceiling.

Around March 1, 2021, Match Padel reckons that the second stage of the center will be ready, and then the number of courts available will double, so eight in total.

All courts are covered with the same surface that is used on the World Padel Tour, a flooring called Mondo. It has a good spring and at the same time a slowness, which makes for longer rallies and is also suitable for paddle players of all levels.

“To create the best experience, we have, of course, built completely new changing-rooms and insulated the hall so that a good temperature can be maintained during the winter months,” Palle says.

In addition, a lot of effort has been put into the interior design.

“We have put many hours of work into creating a center that tells a story about the previous use of the buildings – the place is raw with concrete walls and a crane in the ceiling, testifying to the fact that there has been heavy industry in the buildings in the past.”

Aalborg has actually been on the drawing board since 2019, but Match Padel spent a long time finding the perfect location.

Photo: Match Padel

Great love for Padel is the key to success

Match Padel Denmark consists of a team of former top athletes and people who have been involved in the sports industry all their lives.

“After several years of focusing on other sports, we were introduced to Padel a number of years ago.

The game created a sense of joy for us that we have had a hard time letting go of ever since. Our love for Padel is the whole key to our enterprise, which is largely based on telling and not least showing the Danes how entertaining and fun Padel is.

As active Padel players and former athletes, we can now combine our know-how, experience, and passion to create the best possible framework for the expansion of Padel in Denmark,” Palle explains.

They opened the first three courts in Aarhus back in November 2018 and since then they have expanded the center several times, making it Jutland’s largest center today.

Match Padel Denmark has ambitious plans for 2021, opening in the following locations: Lemvig, Thisted, Odense, Nyk. Falster, Næstved, and Bornholm, along with adding further expansions in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

You can follow Match Padel Aalborg on Facebook, where you can stay up-to-date on the opening.

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