Pasta with a twist: A new pasta place opens tomorrow

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Stores and restaurants are closing one after another in Aalborg, but fortunately, some people are brave enough to open something new on Reberbansgade.

The owners of the popular takeaway place On the Dot, Ion Dumitrascu and Loredana Dumitrascu, have decided to expand their business with a new food concept.

This time, the focus is on pasta.

“It won’t be traditional pasta, but pasta with a twist. Those who are familiar with our burgers know what to expect. We are trying to keep the prices lower so that everyone can afford it,” Ion Dumitrascu, co-owner and chef, says.

Doticelli, the name of the new eatery, will open tomorrow, Friday, July 7, at Reberbansgade 20, right next to On the Dot.

To celebrate the opening, they will offer a 50% discount on the entire menu on both Friday and Saturday.

“We want to treat everyone,” Loredana adds with a smile.

The exact opening time is not yet determined, but you can follow Doticelli’s Facebook and Instagram pages, where they will soon reveal it.

The eatery is located on Reberbansgade 20.

10 delicious pasta dishes

With the closure of Casa Pazza, Aalborg’s dedicated pasta restaurant, in January 2023, Aalborg (and Reberen) has been lacking a place that offers truly delicious pasta.

The Dumitrascu couple quickly spotted this gap in the market and now they are giving it a try.

“I love food. Cooking is also a hobby for me, so why not turn it into a business? Many places are closing down in Aalborg right now, but we’re taking the chance,” Ion explains.

When delving into the noble art of pasta, it is tempting to copy the Italian masters. However, Ion and Loredana choose to go their own way.

“It won’t be 100% Italian. We don’t want to change recipes from Italians when they are the undisputed masters of pasta.

Instead, we try to give the dishes our own twist. For example, we make a dish with mussels and kimchi cream, another with slow-cooked pork, and we also offer vegetarian options,” Ion says.

Currently, there are 10 pasta dishes on the menu, along with calamari and burrata salad as appetizers, and a homemade cheesecake for dessert.

The pasta dishes range from pork to beef, bolognese, traditional carbonara (no twist here “because it’s fantastic as it is,” as Ion says), tiger prawns, mussels, Hokkaido, truffles, lemon leeks, and mushrooms.

The dishes will change over time to provide variation, especially for regular customers.

The owner and chef Ion Dumitrascu.

The taste test

We were fortunate to be invited for a little taste test before the opening, and we are still applauding.

The pasta is SERIOUSLY good.

We devoured our bowls in no time, and among the big favorites were the truffle dish and the pork dish.

Without being pasta experts per se, we must say that we were impressed by the quality and appreciated the balance between all the ingredients.

They are simple pasta dishes with three or four ingredients, mixed with one of three types of pasta: pappardelle, pipe rigate, or bucatini.

If Doticelli continues the style of inventive, flavorful food like On the Dot, we have no doubt that the pasta place will also be a great success.

The prices will range from 100 kroner per pasta dish.

Doticelli’s opening hours will be from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

Read more on Doticelli’s website.

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